About This Blog

The TenereTeam Blog serves as a wellspring of information and inspiration on eco-friendly shopping, trees, forests, and the wider environment. Tenere’s core mission is to combine savvy shopping with meaningful environmental action.

How Tenere Inspired the Blog

It started with a simple yet impactful idea: What if you could save money and help the environment at the same time? This led to the creation of Tenereteam.

But we want to go beyond couponing and planting trees. We want to create a sustainable community. Tenereteam blog was, therefore, created for this purpose, providing green shopping tips and inspiration for the environment.

Our Mission

Our blog is designed to be your ultimate resource for all things green. We cover a wide variety of topics related to the environment and shopping, from in-depth articles on biodiversity to carbon footprint reduction tips.

Vision For A Greener Tomorrow

TenereTeam Blog is also a gathering place for like-minded individuals who aspire to make a tangible impact on our planet’s health. The goal is to foster a community of informed and active citizens with the knowledge and tools you need.

Make Each Dollar Count

It’s not just about saving money; it’s about making a difference. Each month, we donate a portion of our revenue to tree-planting projects around the world. 

You can see the real number of trees our community have aided through our monthly reports.

Team Up For Greater Good

We believe that actions multiply when shared. That’s why Tenere allows you to invite friends and family to form a team. Each team member maintains their individual account, but everyone can track the cumulative impact they’ve made. It’s team spirit for a greener planet.

Our Team

Team Member Name

Oliver Hogan

Content Writer

Oliver started on everything home and art-related, from interior to gardening, as he has a great passion for art. Growing up in a home where nature was cherished, Oliver always felt strongly connected to trees and the environment. While he doesn’t hold a degree in environmental science or forestry, his self-directed learning and exploration have shaped his viewpoints. Oliver found a way to channel his love of art to the environment through contributions to the Tenereteam blog. In his free time, he often finds himself capturing the beauty of nature through photography or staying updated on the latest climate research.

Team Member Name

Hai Long

Content Writer

We call him our tech nerd. You will enjoy his articles about AI, electronics, technology, etc. But more importantly, Hai Long is a passionate lover of plant life, forests, and ecosystems. He has no formal qualifications in the field, but we found him a great match for our blog. Hai Long has always been intrigued by the complexity of ecosystems, particularly forests. Over the years, he has explored various terrains, developing an understanding of the interactions between plants and their surroundings. Hai Long chose to join the Tenereteam blog to share his enthusiasm and knowledge with others.

Team Member Name


Content Writer

Hanni covers topics including travel, pets, and entertainment. These topics have nurtured her love for the environment. She didn’t pursue this path academically, but her enthusiasm for green living and forest conservation has found a perfect home at Tenereteam. In her articles, Hanni focuses on practical tips for sustainable living, drawing from her experiences and research. In her free time, Hanni loves exploring farmer’s markets and, of course, traveling.

Team Member Name

Phuong Tu

Content Writer

Phuong Tu covers everything fashion and health-related. Phuong Tu has always advocated for the environment, and she said “Yes” to join the team. Phuong’s articles aim to engage and inform readers about the beauty and urgency of environmental conservation.

Team Member Name


Content Writer

Valeria specializes in environmental writing, focusing on trees, sustainability, and ecological issues. Although she doesn’t have formal environmental science education, her self-taught expertise and deep connection to nature define her work. At Tenereteam, she combines her passion for the environment with engaging storytelling, offering insights on forest ecosystems and sustainable living. In her free time, Valeria is actively involved in nature, which enriches her authentic and inspiring writing style.

More Than Just A Blog

The TenereTeam Blog isn’t just another webpage; it’s a resource and a community. With an expanded range of topics and a renewed focus on action, we promise to be your go-to platform for everything environment-related.

Keep an eye on our TenereTeam Blog for further updates and inspiration. Together, we can make a lasting difference.