For eco-shoppers, this Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly certification-based filter is a lifesaver. For non-eco-shoppers who are still on the fence, here are the reasons why shopping for certified stores is sustainable.

But first,

What is the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly

The Climate Pledge Friendly program is part of Amazon’s commitment to environmental preservation. Amazon is always attempting to reduce its environmental impact through their Climate Pledge, sustainable purchasing alternatives, and trash reduction.

To do so, the platform partners with many reputable organizations and certifications. Sellers or products that meet at least one environmental aspect will be qualified for the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly program.

When searching for products, sustainable shoppers can click on the Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly filter to shop only for sustainable products on the platform.

Why shopping for Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly products is sustainable shopping?

The Amazon Climate Pledge Friendly program helps promote sustainable shopping. That means when shoppers shop for a qualified product, they will automatically accomplish one of these goals.

They are energy-conserving

Energy conserving

Some products consume a lot of energy to produce. According to the energy link, the top 4 industries that require the most energy to operate are the chemical, metal, cement, paper, and pulp industries.

Some of Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly products aim to save energy and resources during production:

  • Products that are made ethically by utilizing safer chemicals and fewer resources, notably less energy, are certified by Amazon’s partner Bluesign.
  • Products that have the most efficient and environmentally friendly production processes are certified by Amazon’s partner, ENERGY STAR. 
  • Products that are economical, based on parameters such as energy consumption and overall sustainability effect are certified by Amazon’s partner, EPEAT.

They reduce the carbon footprint during production

Reduce carbon footprint

Carbon emissions remain one of the most difficult issues for sustainable production. Since 1900, global carbon emissions from fossil fuels have risen dramatically. Emissions from fossil fuel burning and industrial operations account for approximately 78% of the entire increase in greenhouse gas emissions from 1970 to 2011. That’s why many companies across different industries are trying to reign in their carbon emissions.

  • If a brand can determine the carbon footprint of their products, and put in the effort to offset the associated carbon emissions, they are certified by Amazon’s partner, Carbonfree Certified.
  • If a brand evaluates all emissions generated during the manufacturing process, makes internal reductions, and offsets the remaining, they are certified by Amazon’s partner CarbonNeutral, from Natural Capital Partners.
  • If a company can reduce its carbon footprint year after year and compensate for any remaining emissions, they are qualified for Amazon’s partner Carbon Neutral goods from Carbon Trust.
  • If the company can measure and reduce the product’s carbon emissions, with any leftover emissions offset, they are qualified for Amazon’s partner the Carbon Offset SCS Global Services certification.
  • If the products’ carbon footprint was estimated, is being continually decreased, and any leftover emissions have been offset, they will be qualified for Amazon’s partner ClimateNeutral certification, from ClimatePartner.
  • Products with lower CO2 emissions and those that can minimize their carbon impact year after year will be qualified for Amazon’s partner.

They promote sustainable farming

Promote sustainable agriculture

Sustainable agriculture is an integrated, systematic strategy for plant and animal production and distribution that preserves the environment, extends the Earth’s natural resource base, and uses nonrenewable resources most efficiently.

On Amazon, products that were grown using sustainable farming methods will have one of the following certifications:

  • If animals are grown on sustainable, autonomous, high-welfare, pasture-based farms, they will be qualified for Amazon’s partner Animal Welfare Certification Approved certification.
  • If products are grown using sustainable farming methods,  they will be eligible for Amazon’s partner, The Rainforest Alliance.
  • If the wool comes from standard farms that support animal welfare and ethical land management methods, they are qualified for Amazon’s partner Responsible Wool Standard.
  • The Forest Stewardship Council-certified products promote responsible forestry, aiding in the preservation of forests for future generations.

Their production is eco-friendly

Sustainable production may also be quite economical. You may minimize energy usage, production time, waste, and material use by enhancing the efficiency of your equipment and operations—all of which can result in considerable cost savings for you and your customers.

  • If products meet environmental requirements at one or more stages of their lifespan, they are certified by Amazon’s partner ECOLOGO.
  • If products are created using safer materials and are produced responsibly during production to benefit both people and the environment, they are certified by Amazon’s partner, From Cradle to Cradle.
  • If products are created while consuming less air, water, or packing per usage, lowering shipping’s carbon footprint, they are certified by Compact by Design.
  • Products that are free of EWG’s recognized chemicals of concern and meet strict health requirements are certified by Amazon’s partner EWG.
  • Products that are tested for dangerous compounds and manufactured in safer workplaces with lower environmental consequences are qualified for certification from Amazon’s partner Oeko-Tex Made in Green.

Meanwhile, the juggernaut of all e-commerce platforms, Amazon, has its own solution to remedy climate change. Their Climate Pledge Friendly aims to promote sustainable shopping. By collaborating with a wide range of external certifications to distinguish more sustainable products. Shoppers can now search for eco-friendly products on the platform with ease.

As a coupon website that promotes green shopping, Tenere advocates for Amazon’s Climate Pledge Friendly products. But the four aforementioned points aren’t the only reasons green shoppers should go for these products. More is coming in part 2 of this blog.


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