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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Aeria Games

Q: Is Aeria Games good?keyboard_arrow_down
A: Yes. Aeria Games delivers high-quality and free online games in the most popular multiplayer genres including MMORPG and FPS. They always want to provide great online game experiences by developing a community of over 40 million players that is strong and growing.
Q: How do I report a bug in the game to Aeria Games?keyboard_arrow_down
A: If you found any bugs, please email Aeria Games at [email protected] with the topic of your email "Bugs and Glitches". They will find and solve this error.
Q: How to play games on Aeria Games?keyboard_arrow_down

Simply follow this guide

  1. Register an Aeria Games account
  2. Receive the registration and confirm your email
  3. Download the game from the corresponding game page
  4. Install the game client and log in to play
Q: Is it safe to purchase Aeria Points?keyboard_arrow_down
A: Of course. Aeria Games partners with top reputable payment providers like PayPal to make sure all customers get a safe and secure purchasing experience.