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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Aflac

Q: For Employers Who Participate in Aflac Programmed, How Much Administration Is Required?

Practically none. Aflac agents for all enrollments are sent to the employer facility, and there is a service center that handles all claims or billing problems. Processing a monthly billing reconciliation is the only administration required by the employer. For even more administrative ease, this can also be achieved remotely.

Q: How Can You Apply for Insurance from Aflac?

Aflac insurance policies can be obtained by your employer on an individual basis or made available. However, if it is made eligible by the company to take advantage of possible pre-tax payroll rates and payroll deductions, it is often best to apply.

Q: What Do You Know About Aflac?

Aflac is Regular Living Insurance. It allows covered people to assist with out-of-pocket costs resulting from covered injuries or accidents by paying them cash rewards unless allotted. In the event of a covered loss, cash shall be paid to the persons covered, irrespective of any other insurance which they may have.