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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Aluratek

Q: How do you zoom out on aluratek?
A: All you need to do is simply click the button on top of your LIVE Pro 4K HD Webcam (AWC4KF) to alter the zoom level until you achieve the amount of zoom you want. For faster results, you can also press and hold the button.
Q: Does aluratek work with iPhone?
A: It certainly does. The Aluratek Dual Lightning Adapter for iPhone/iPad is the most convenient way to charge your phone while listening to music or talking on it. It works with any iPhone or iPad that has a lightning connector. There is no need for any additional software.
Q: Can you email pictures to aluratek?
A: Yes, you certainly can. You can now transfer photographs to the wifi digital photo frame directly via email. Simply email images to the "Email Address" on your wifi frame, and they will appear immediately.
Q: How do you put pictures on an Aluratek digital frame?
A: Return to the app's main home screen and select "Gallery" to begin uploading photographs. You'll be taken to your smartphone's photos from here. Choose the photos you would like to save to your smartphone and click the finish button in the top right corner to finish.