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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Antique Farm House

Q: Can I use my credit card to pay for orders at Antique Farm House?keyboard_arrow_down
A: Yes. You can use Mastercard, Visa, American Express and Discover to pay for your orders here at Antique Farm House.
Q: What is the shipping like at Antique Farm House?keyboard_arrow_down
A: Items under $50.99 will be charged $9.95 and due to COVID-19 situation, shipping might take up to 15 days.
Q: Are there any student discounts at Antique Farm House?keyboard_arrow_down
A: Unfortunately, no. There aren't such discounts at Antique Farm House, but you can always check Tenere for extra sales!
Q: Is Antique Farm House legit?keyboard_arrow_down
A: You can totally trust Antique Farm House! They are built by 2 sisters who believe in luxury without going bankrupt so you can trust them to give you beautiful designs with the cheapest pricing!
Q: Does Antique Farm House offer free shipping?keyboard_arrow_down

Unfortunately no! Antique Farm House will select the shipping carriers with the best rate to reduce the cost. You can check the shipping rates on the Antique Farm House website at Shipping Rates categories. The rate still applies when you use Antique Farm House coupon codes to purchase products as well.

Q: How many coupons does Antique Farm House offer?keyboard_arrow_down
A: At the moment, there are 5 coupons on the Antique Farm House website. The best Antique Farm House’s discount is 25% off and other discounts are available on its webpage. Assess to check the latest promotion codes and pick up your desired products.
Q: What is Antique Farm House?keyboard_arrow_down
A: Antique Farm House brings unique and sophisticated farmhouse style décor, home décor design, and vintage reproductions. The company organizes various sales events that include art products, design lines, and furniture at major savings. During special events or sales seasons, Antique Farm House coupons or discount codes will be released massively so that customers can purchase its products at an incredible price.
Q: How does Antique FarmHouse solve when I receive a damaged item?keyboard_arrow_down
A: Let them contact you as soon as possible so that Antique FarmHouse can find a good solution when your order encounters any problems. Antique Farm House will give you a replacement or exchange if the item is received damaged.
Q: Can I return an order to Antique Farm House?keyboard_arrow_down
A: You should be sure to choose exactly the item you want before placing your order. Antique FarmHouse cannot accept any reasons for all returned orders.
Q: Can I cancel my order at Antique FarmHouse after placing it?keyboard_arrow_down
A: You should cancel your order as soon as possible, as it's almost impossible to locate after it leaves the warehouse. They will not accept any cancellations after your order enters the delivery stage.