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There are also a lot of Atmosphere Aerosol coupons available out there, and they are all updated on the Tenere website. You can try looking for all the latest ones on this source to save on your shopping.

Atmosphere Aerosol is currently having a "Buy 3 Get 1 Free" program applied to its products, and this is a good opportunity for you to get what you want at the lowest cost.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Atmosphere Aerosol

Q: How long does a can of Atmosphere Aerosol last?keyboard_arrow_down
A: You can spray a can of Atmosphere Aerosol non-stop for about 5 minutes 30 seconds, and Atmosphere Aerosol can last in the air for several hours under a controlled environment (no wind, no airflow).
Q: Is Atmosphere Aerosol flammable?keyboard_arrow_down
A: Yes, it is. Atmosphere Aerosol catches fire very easily, so make sure not to expose it to fire no matter if you are using it or not.
Q: Is Atmosphere Aerosol bad for you?keyboard_arrow_down
A: It's totally fine for you to inhale Atmosphere Aerosol during use. However, ingesting it can cause harmful effects to your body, so never spray Atmosphere Aerosol directly into your face or others'.
Q: What is Atmosphere Aerosol made of?keyboard_arrow_down
A: Atmosphere Aerosol is made of only safe, non-toxic ingredients including 45% propane, 45% butane, and 10% mineral oil.