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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Accessories4less

Q: Can I get my orders customized at Accessories4less?
A: Sure. Customers can get their orders specifically made at Accessories4less. You can get either cut-to-length cable or wire, special order merch, and many more!
Q: How do I use the tracking number at Accessories4less?
A: The tracking number is provided along with the invoice sent to you. If your package is taking too long to arrive, or you suspect that it could have been lost during delivery, use this number and find their location.
Q: Can I get an e-gift card at Accessories4less?
A: Sure. E-gift cards are always up for grabs at Accessories4less. Get yourself or your friends and families a gift card to use as a discount when purchasing items at Accessories4less.
Q: What’s the return policy like at Accessories4less?
A: For any items that haven’t been opened or used, you can return them without paying any fee! In case they’ve been used, you can still return them, but you will be subject to a 5-10% restocking fee. If your items came in damaged, notify Accessories4less within the first 72 hours of receipt to get support.