Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does Tenere accept donation in cash?
We appreciate your help. However, Tenere is not taking donation in cash at the moment. We support tree-planting projects with our commission from users’ orders at our merchant partners. If you find Tenere a conducive idea, help us by sharing it to your circle and set your planting goal together.
Where does Tenere plant trees?
All over the world. Tenere works with 9 projects who have years of experience. These organizations have clear vision of which planting project will benefit the local economies and deforested areas.
How do I know if Tenere truly donates my trees to the projects?
You are free to access planting receipts and certificates from the projects. We will keep you updated monthly for transparency.
Can I become a tree planting partner with Tenere?
Please contact us with your details. Tenere will consider if we match!