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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on Adaware

Q: Does Adaware have parental control?
A: The total security of Adaware includes parental controls. Age-based templates are provided by the system so that you won’t have to configure categories for each user. You do not have to lock down access by period, hour, or day which is useful as it automatically bans the retirement home options for the young adults in the 18 – 21 age brackets.
Q: What are the products Adaware offers?
A: Adaware offers the best free antivirus to protect your computer from online threats, Adaware antivirus pro for professional security, Adaware antivirus total security for complete peace of mind, Adaware Ad Blocker for the safest and fastest blocking of annoying ads, and Adaware Protect for top security and privacy protection.
Q: Is Adaware free to use?
A: Adaware is not free to use. It is a legitimate program. It is an anti-spyware tool for the removal of malware. They offer free antivirus for limited use but for complete defense against malware, hackers, and cyber-threats, you have to buy their offers.