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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) on AYPOTech

Q: How Much Water Operator Continuing Education Do I Need for Renewal?
A: You need 12 hours of water operator continuing education for the Bottled Water, Limited, Class I and II Treatment, Collection, or Distribution. And 24 hours of water operator continuing education for the Class III or IV Treatment, Collection, or Distribution
Q: How to Renew a KY Division of Water Operator Certification?
A: Step 1: Complete the required KY CEU for water treatment Step 2: Submit your renewal application Step 3: Pay the renewal fee
Q: How to Renew an Indiana Water Operator Certification?
A: To renew an Indiana Water Operator Certification, you have to meet your IDEM-approved drinking water CEU requirement first. Then submit your renewal and pay the fee.
Q: Is AYPOTech Course 100% Online?
A: Absolutely! AYPOTech offers Online education for busy water operators. You can take your education anywhere you go via your mobile phone.