If you are into decors, chances are you might have seen floating moon lamps here and there. Whether you want to spice up your bedroom, office, or living room, these lamps are sure to impress. So, if you want to add some lunar magic to your space, don’t miss these best levitating moon lamps for 2023.

Guide To Choosing The Best Levitating Moon Lamps 

If we search “best levitating moon lamps”, we would be flooded with a sea of moon lamps with different sizes, textures, colors, and of course prices. So how can we make up our mind on which one suits our preference and budget? Here’s a guide to help you narrow down your choices: 


When choosing the best moon lamp for your home gentlemen, size does matter. A bigger size may provide better light quality, but it may also take up too much space and ruin the aesthetic appeal of your room. A smaller size, on the other hand, may fit better with your decor and create a more realistic moon effect.

Color Modes 

Normally we would only see the moon’s light in two colors: white and yellow, anything more than that would be too much because it wouldn’t look like a real moon anymore. However, if you prefer a more colorful and festive mood, you may choose a moon lamp with different colors to suit your preference.

Power Type 

Floating moon lamps can be powered by three common types of sources: battery, electrical cord, or wireless. An electrical cord is the most common but also the least desirable, as it can obstruct the view of the lamp or make it look less like a floating lamp and more like a regular table lamp. Rechargeable batteries are a better option, as they give the lamp a cleaner look and eliminate the need for a cord. The newest and most advanced type of power source is wireless, which is similar to rechargeable batteries but more convenient and efficient. 


Before buying a new moon lamp, you should think about what you want to use it for. Do you want to use it as a decorative piece or a lighting source to enhance the ambiance of your room? As I mentioned above, your purpose can affect how you choose the size and features of your moon lamp.


Most moon lamps have a simple control system, with an on/off button at the base and a remote control to change the light settings. However, some higher-end models have touch sensors instead of physical buttons, which make them more elegant and appealing. You can control the lamp by gently tapping or swiping the surface of the moon.


The price is the main factor that influences your buying decision, so you should consider it carefully when choosing a moon lamp. As I mentioned above, a moon lamp with better features and design may cost more than a simple one. However, moon lamps are still relatively affordable compared to other decorative lamps, so you can find a good deal even for a high-quality option.

Ranking The Best Levitating Moon Lamps 

1. Zeegine Leviluna Magnetic Levitating Moon Lamp

leviluna magnetic levitating moon lamp

A wireless charging moon lamp that can charge itself while still in use. Another feature is that you can customize any image onto its 3D-printed surface. I chose this lamp as the best overall because it meets all the criteria for a good moon lamp: reasonable size, wireless charging, and easy installation.

This option from Leviluna is well received by customers with many good ratings and has also made it into my list of the best tech gadgets for 2023.

2. Acedoamare 3d Levitating Moon Lamp

acedoamare 3d levitating moon lamp

This lamp from Acedoamare is the most versatile option on our list and a strong contender for the top spot for many reasons. First of all, it offers a wide variety of choices. You can select not only the moon, but also other planets such as Saturn, Pluto, Jupiter, Earth, and more. The pedestal is made of walnut wood, which can complement many different settings and aesthetics.

With a low price and a color-changing feature, the Acedoamare moon lamp has won over many people’s hearts as one of the best moon lamps on the market.

3. Floately Luna Best-Selling Floating Moon Lamp

best selling floating moon lamp

An energy-saving lamp with innovative wireless charging technology allows it to only transmit the minimum energy required to function. It also features the latest magnetic levitation technology that allows the lamp to spin endlessly.

The Floately Luna moon lamp is crafted with great attention to detail, using NASA’s moon imagery as a reference to create the most realistic moon surface. Each lamp takes more than 28 hours to make.

4. Oijvrhn Levitating Moon Lamp

oijvrhn levitating moon lamp

This moon lamp from Oijvrhn has a unique design that gives it a sci-fi feel. It has two pedestals that make it more stable and secure than other moon lamps. However, this also makes it more bulky and less portable.

This option from Oijvrhn is quite large, which makes it ideal for bedroom night lights. It uses a battery as a power source, so you don’t have to worry about finding a power socket nearby.

5. Zeegine Leviluna Customized Levitating Moon Lamp

customized levitate moon lamp

This customized levitating moon lamp from Leviluna has the same design and features as the original one but with a new twist. It comes with a remote control that lets you choose from 16 different color variations.

However, at the same price point as the #1 place, this unfortunately has to make a few sacrifices with the added features. Its lights aren’t as pleasing to the eye and the magnetic levitating proves to be less stable and the moon commonly stops spinning after a short time. 

It’s worth mentioning that there are a few quality moon lamps on the market that can easily make this list like the VGAzer Levitating Moon Lamp, Firpow Levitating Moon Lamp, etc. Unfortunately, at the time of writing, these items are all out of stock. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Moon Lamps

Are levitating moon lamps safe?

Yes, levitating moon lamps are made from safe materials and are completely safe even for children. As it is made by low heat LEDs the lamps never get hot so it won’t cause any problems during usage. 

How do levitating moon lamps work?

Levitating moon lamps work by generating a strong magnetic field from the base that pushes the moon upward, creating a levitating effect. Inside the moon, there’s also a coil that acts as a wireless receiver of power. The electro-magnetic field from the base creates a current in the coil which powers the LED inside the moon. 

Can I leave my moon lamp on all night?

Since the lamps are made from LEDs which means they consume very little electricity and using them for a long time won’t heat up the device it is completely safe to leave your moon lamp on all night. 

How long do moon lamps last?

Moon lamps use LED bulbs which will eventually go out after 50,000 hours of use which is approximately 5.7 years of constant using. Typically a moon lamp can last around 5-10 years. 

Are there any health benefits to using moon lamps?

There are a lot of benefits to using moon lamps like increasing mood, better sleep, reducing stress,… But there aren’t any strong scientific facts and research to back up these claims yet. 


Moon lamps are the perfect decorative pieces for any room and space due to their sleek and elegant vibes. I’ve ranked and reviewed the best levitating moon lamps so that you can find something that suits your needs. Add magic to your space with your lamp choice!


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