During the Lunar New Year, people bring items that embody luck into their households for prosperity.

It is widely believed that the first action of the Lunar New Year will influence the rest of your year. As a sustainability-advocating coupon site that is based in Asia, Tenere wishes you a prosperous Lunar New Year by planting more of these 5 auspicious trees that also work as climate change solutions.

1. Willow

massive willow tree
the willow tree

One of the most popular plants to have in the Lunar New Year is the lucky bamboo. A pot of lucky bamboo includes items that represent the five Chinese classic elements: fire, water, wood, earth, and metal. Because of this, it symbolizes a balance and harmony between the elements and is believed to attract great luck.

However, in terms of tree planting to better the environment, Lucky Bamboo is not a good tree to plant. It is very high-maintenance and requires a balance of sunlight and water in order to thrive well. Thus, if you want your tree planting project to have a smooth sailing year, the Lucky Bamboo should not even be on your list at all.

Instead, as a tree that copes very well in waterlogged soil, willow is an awesome replacement if you are looking to restore the greenery of a barren, waterlogged area. Once considered nothing more than an arborous pest or an invasive species, the willow tree is likely to become highly important in the fight against climate change. With the temperature continuing to rise, willow will be the main force in providing canopy cover for heated or water-logged land due to its quick-spreading rate.

2. Money Tree

Guiana chestnut
A grown-up money tree

Yes. There is an actual money tree! Instead of sprouting actual money, these money trees simply bring financial success according to their lore. Ever since the first money tree, with its braided trunk and lush leaves, was grown in Taiwan in the 1980s, it has quickly gained its status as a tree for prosperity, as people believe it can ensnare fortune with its lush folds.

If you find braiding the trunks of the money trees is too tough a task – or your green thumb has never grown at all, as this houseplant is kind of hard to care for – you can choose to plant a singular money tree. In the wild, the money tree, or Guiana chestnut, can grow as tall as 60 feet.

They sequester more carbon than other trees in the same period. Thus, the money tree is definitely a tree of great wealth, especially with more countries having a carbon tax applied.

3. Peace Lily

blooming green peace lily
A green peace lily

East meets West culturally in Peace Lily. In many cultures, it is a plant for healing and cleansing and can keep negative energy away from your household. Peace Lily is also a plant of spirituality – a plant of expanding consciousness. A plant of healing and cleansing, bring it into your household during the Lunar New Year to wish for good health.

In terms of being eco-friendly, Peace Lily is known for being able to absorb airborne toxins like benzene, formaldehyde, and carbon monoxide, all of which are from using everyday household items and electronics.

And if our words aren’t credible enough, you can ask NASA. Peace Lily is certified by NASA to be able to absorb air pollutants, making it a key player in the fight against air pollution and climate change. The best thing about peace lilies is that they can be planted both indoors and outdoors, so you can plant as many of these nature’s designated air-scrubbers as you want.

4. Hawthorn

blooming hawthorn

A popular plant to give away on Lunar New Year, the orchid symbolizes fertility and bounty. By bringing this plant into your house on CNY, you are aspiring to have either a good pregnancy or hoping your wealth will multiply exponentially. Either way, it is good fortune.

Esthetically, orchids’ lighter palette can lighten up any dim spots in your home. However, it is also a notoriously high-maintenance plant, so bring it into your home only if you are ready to commit to a strict regime of plant-caring routine and requirements. If you are looking for trees to plant to combat climate change, the orchid is the last thing to be considered, as climate change actually threatens their survival and biodiversity. Orchids can only thrive under very specific temperature conditions: between 50° and 80° F.

In this case, the outdoor tree Hawthorn is the better alternative. Hawthorn also means fertility and hope in the tree language. Reaching an astonishing height of 35 feet upon its maturity, the tree can provide decent canopy cover for the land. As one of the more resistant trees to climate change, hawthorns are an excellent choice if you need more greens in your area.

5. Laceleaf

red laceleaf

According to Chinese belief, another plant that brings good luck and fortune is the Anthurium, or Laceleaf. Due to its red leaves being the color of prosperity and luck, the laceleaf is one of the most gifted plants during the Lunar New Year.

Pleasantly exquisite, having red, green, and yellow on the same stem, this tiny pot plant works perfectly as a centerpiece for any room. Being a tropical plant, laceleaf is quite heat-tolerant, making it perfect to plant outdoors. Plus, with global temperatures on the rise, this plant can surely take the heat and thrive.

However, the true reason you should pick laceleaf to be your Lunar New Year plant is because of its air-purifying ability. More specifically, it is known to be able to filter out ammonia, formaldehyde, and xylene from the air, making the air around your house a lot cleaner to breathe. On a large scale, this plant can even potentially filter the air for the neighborhood.

chinese new year tree
a lunar new year tree

While there are other auspicious trees that symbolize fortune, these low-maintenance five are the most likely to survive outdoors. So instead, here are other alternatives for outdoor plants to plant this Lunar New Year.

These arborous climate change solutions are available for a good price. Check out our many partnered stores, with awesome Lunar New Year discounts, to buy your lucky trees for less. Remember to shop with Tenere when you decide what tree you want to buy.


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