Have you ever noticed how there are so many LGBTQ+ eco-friendly shoppers? According to a new poll, 55% of the LGBTQ+ demographic are more concerned about environmental problems than other Americans.

For many companies, the rainbow’s spending power is undeniable. In the US, it amounts to 800 billion US dollars annually. The World Bank estimates that India is losing out on $32 billion a year due to its rampant queer-discriminating policies.

But is there a particular reason why so many in the LGBTQ+ community are participating in the green cause? Tenere has dug in and now found out the 5 reasons why LGBTQ+ people make the best eco-friendly shoppers.

They are progressive

A very large percentage of LGBTQ+ folks are progressive

A very large percentage of LGBTQ+ folks are progressive. That means they focus more on social issues. Being marginalized, the LGBTQ+ community is more likely to break away from traditional consumerism. Instead, they opt for a more sustainable lifestyle instead.

This attitude leads many queer folks to vote for progressive policies and politicians. This is because these policies allow them to live progressively, including being sustainable. Many LGBTQ+ people also live in big cities, which are the focal points for environmental issues, including eco-friendly shopping.

They are conscientious

Many LGBTQ+ folks are very conscientious

Many LGBTQ+ folks are very conscientious. This stems from their growing up as outcasts. In fact, it is reported that same-sex relationships are still criminalized in 69 countries. Even in more progressive countries, 50% of LGBT students in the US and in the UK continue to suffer severe bullying at school. This perspective makes them more aware of the effects of their actions on others. 

The perspective propels them towards sustainability or climate change awareness causes. After all, if a thoughtless remark can leave scars for years for a queer kid, then it’s not hard to fathom how climate change is hurting others. And LGBTQ+ eco-friendly shoppers are willing to pay for sustainable goods.

They are already fighting for a better world

Ever since the first Pride Parade, The queers have been fighting for equality.

Ever since the first Pride Parade, Christopher Street Liberation Day on June 28, 1970, queers have been fighting for equality. This gives them plenty of experience fighting for the greater good of the world.

While there is no direct link between them, both gay rights and climate change are human rights issues. This means advocating for them leads to a better future. After all, few marginalized groups have more experience in marching for a cause than the gays.

They are open-minded

gay people are open-minded.

Yes, gay people are open-minded. Most of them, anyway. Due to them diverting from society’s heteronormative narrative, queers were once thought of as being “abnormal” and “deviant.” But instead of conforming, this encourages their willingness to challenge traditions.

This wayward attitude is most evident in the fashion industry. The gays have made their presence known in fashion, with their innovative and trending designs. This open-mindedness gives them a higher tolerance for newer ideas. This includes sustainability in shopping and increasing the number of LGBTQ+ eco-friendly shoppers.

They are not defined by gender conformity

straight men will avoid certain sustainable practices

It sounds absurd, but straight men will avoid certain sustainable practices if they make them look gay. According to research by Sex Roles, men will retreat from using recyclable cotton bags, because these tote bags are often seen as “too feminine.” On a bigger scale, the study points out how people see environmentalism as feminine, which scares away fragile-ego males.

Unlike straight folks, the gays don’t have that fear. As they are already defying gender stereotypes on a daily basis, being a little gayer for being environmental is a non-issue for the gays. Some might even relish it.

So, does this mean being sustainable is strictly a gay thing?

gender identity should not be the key influence to you going green

Of course not. Although the five aforementioned points make it seem so, sustainability isn’t exclusively for gays. Nobody is born an environmentalist, after all. 33% of straight adults say they care a lot about sustainability and are ready to spend money on eco-friendly shopping.

But gender identity should not be the key influence on your going green. And Tenere is the proof of that. As a tree-planting initiative that helps online shoppers participate in the current reforestation efforts, Tenere enjoys a balanced queer-straight ratio in our user base. This makes sense; after all, both gay and straight folks love good discounts on their purchases.

Many of our partners are also showing their alliance with the LGBTQ+ community via their Pride Month discounts. So enjoy!


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