During such an intense period of pregnancy, your body can easily be deprived of iron – for you and for your precious baby. While you can acquire iron through various foods, the best iron supplement for pregnancy will fill the nutrient gap quickly and ensure your body gets the adequate amount.

We’ve gone through dozens of options and put together a list of 8 most effective supplements, reviewed by registered dietitians and physicians.

Are Iron Supplements Safe For A Pregnant Woman?

Yes, in most cases, it is safe for a pregnant woman to take iron supplements.

Iron supplements are commonly recommended for pregnant women to address the increased iron needs during pregnancy.

Many prenatal vitamins also contain iron to help meet the increased demands of pregnancy. However, it’s important to follow your healthcare provider’s advice and not self-prescribe iron supplements, as taking excessive amounts of iron can lead to negative effects.

Some women may experience side effects such as nausea, constipation, or upset stomach when taking iron supplements. 

There are several ways to reduce iron supplement side effects you can try, such as taking the supplement with food or adjusting the dosage. Yet, if the problems become severe, stop using the product and reach out to your healthcare provider for advice right away.

How Much Iron Should A Pregnant Woman Consume?

The expansion of blood volume during pregnancy, by around 30-50%, leads to a heightened need for iron.

Even women that aren’t pregnant don’t consume enough iron in their diets to meet their daily requirements. This is especially relevant during pregnancy, particularly in the later stages.

The recommended dietary allowance (RDA) for iron for non-pregnant adult women is around 18 mg per day. Meanwhile, during the second and third trimesters, the demand for dietary iron can surge to as much as 27-30 mg per day.

It’s important to note that not all of this iron needs to come from supplements. A balanced diet rich in iron-containing foods can help meet these requirements. Some good dietary sources of iron include:

  • Lean meats (such as beef, poultry, and pork)
  • Fish
  • Beans and lentils
  • Tofu
  • Spinach and other dark leafy greens
  • Fortified cereals
  • Nuts and seeds

Best Iron Supplement For Pregnancy

Our top picks:

NaturesPlus Chewable Iron

best iron supplement for pregnancy NaturesPlus Chewable Iron
NaturesPlus Chewable Iron

If you’re on the hunt for a strong and natural iron boost, let us tell you about NaturesPlus Chewable Iron. It’s a real winner!

Each chew gives you 27 milligrams of iron in an amino acid chelate form. This kind of iron is easy for your body to soak up. One container is gonna give you around 90 servings. That’s a bunch of iron goodness right there!

There’s 100 milligrams of vitamin C in the mix, and that’s like iron’s best buddy when it comes to nutrition. The combo helps your body keep that blood healthy and revs up the natural energy-making factory inside you.

It’s got a cherry flavor with some other natural flavors mixed in. So, you won’t be making weird faces when you chew on these.

Yet, there’s a little note we should mention. The product claims are like a friendly reminder from the makers: these chewables haven’t been looked at by the FDA to treat, cure, or prevent any diseases.

Mary Ruth’s Prenatal & Postnatal Liquid Iron

Mary Ruth’s Prenatal & Postnatal Liquid Iron
Mary Ruth’s Prenatal & Postnatal Liquid Iron

In our opinion, Mary Ruth’s Prenatal & Postnatal Liquid Iron is the best liquid iron supplement for pregnancy.

It’s a fantastic way for moms to boost their overall health and well-being, while also supporting their baby’s cognitive development.

This liquid iron supplement makes it super easy to get the iron you need during pregnancy and beyond, and the berry flavor is simply delicious.

The iron in the Prenatal & Postnatal Liquid Iron comes from something called Ferrochel®, also known as ferrous bisglycinate chelate. It’s a special kind of iron that might be easier for our bodies to absorb and handle compared to other types of iron.

That means you can take care of your iron needs without any worries.

Mary Ruth’s is also known for offering the best iron supplements for kids. Consider adding them to your child’s vitamin regime if his body shows signs of lacking this vital mineral.

Nature Made Iron 65 Mg Tablets

Nature Made Iron 65 Mg Tablets
Nature Made Iron 65 Mg Tablets

The iron business is extra important for ladies in their baby-making years. It’s a big player in making new red blood cells. And the Nature Made Iron Tablets – 65 Mg are here to give you a hand if you’re running low on iron.

Each tablet gives you a solid 65 milligrams of iron. That’s a good dose of this essential nutrient, especially for premenopausal women who need that extra iron during their reproductive years.

Nature Made has sourced high-quality ingredients, so you’re getting the good stuff without any sneaky additives.

These tablets are gluten-free, so they’re a friend to those with dietary restrictions. No synthetic dyes, no artificial flavors. Just a straightforward way to get your iron fix.

They’ve made it easy for you – just pop one tablet daily with some water and a meal. No need to fuss around with complicated instructions.

Megafood Blood Builder Iron Supplement

best iron supplement for pregnancy Megafood Blood Builder Iron Supplement
Megafood Blood Builder Iron Supplement

The Megafood Blood Builder is a best-seller for a reason.

In a fancy clinical trial, it proved its worth by giving folks more iron without any of that yucky nausea or tummy trouble.

Each serving gives you a gentle 26 milligrams of iron. And this isn’t just any iron – it’s backed up by real food buddies like beets and organic oranges. They’re all about bringing the A-team with folic acid and B12 to keep those red blood cells healthy and happy.

And there’s vitamin C on board too, helping your body grab onto that iron like a champ!

Whether you’re a busy lady, a teen on the go, a mom-to-be, a vegan, a fitness enthusiast, or even a recent blood donor – if you’re at risk of low iron, this supplement’s got your back.

Notably, you don’t have to play the timing game with this one. It’s gentle enough to take any time of day, even on an empty stomach. No more fussing around!

Solgar Gentle Iron Vegetable Capsules

best iron supplement for pregnancy Solgar Gentle Iron Vegetable Capsules
Solgar Gentle Iron Vegetable Capsules

These capsules are like little powerhouses that help your body in some pretty cool ways. They’re all about giving you a hand with energy, improving your iron levels, and even helping those red blood cells do their oxygen-carrying dance throughout your body.

Who are Solgar Gentle Iron Vegetable Capsules for?

If you’re a lady dealing with the monthly visit from Aunt Flo, a busy mom juggling all the things, or an athlete on the move, this could be just what the doctor ordered for keeping your health in check and your active lifestyle going strong.

One of the coolest things about these capsules is their patented chelated formula.

Solgar is all about being smart and responsible. They make sure their formulas are backed by science, use ingredients that are sourced with care, and they steer clear of any fake stuff or fillers. It’s like getting the good stuff straight from nature.

You don’t have to be a scientist to get it. It’s just a fancy way of saying they’re easy on your tummy and won’t make you feel all well-researched.

Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron Capsules

best iron supplement for pregnancy Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron Capsules
Garden Of Life Vitamin Code Raw Iron Capsules

Sometimes, the food we eat might not pack enough iron punch, especially if you’re rocking the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. But don’t stress, because these capsules are here to lend a hand.

Each capsule is a gentle dose of 22 milligrams of real, whole food iron. Garden Of Life has also added some buddies like vitamins C, B-12, and folate to help your body grab onto that iron like a pro.

Moreover, in these capsules, you’ll find a whole garden of goodness – 23 fruits and veggies to be exact! They’re like a little army of antioxidants, vitamins, and other helpers, all ready to support your body’s well-being.

All the vitamins included are like a team of superheroes supporting your blood, heart, and eye health. Your immune system and reproductive health get a boost, too.

More importantly, these raw iron capsules are super tummy-friendly.

They’re easy to digest and won’t play any tricks on your stomach. Live probiotics and enzymes are in the mix to make sure everything goes down nice and smooth.

Apart from iron supplements and vitamins, Garden Of Life’s product lines also include clean protein powder. Refer to our Garden Of Life protein review if you’re looking to increase your protein intake!

Thorne Iron Bisglycinate

best iron supplement for pregnancy Thorne Iron Bisglycinate
Thorne Iron Bisglycinate

The Thorne Iron Bisglycinate is designed to make sure your body gets the most out of it while keeping those pesky gastrointestinal side effects at bay. No more feeling queasy or dealing with the dreaded constipation!

This iron is like a superhero for your red blood cells. They’re the MVPs that keep you feeling peppy and ready to take on the day. Are you a woman, an athlete, or just someone who’s been running on low energy? This iron might just be your secret weapon.

They’ve packaged this iron in a chelated form called Ferrochel® chelate. It just means that your body can grab onto it and use it like a pro. It’s like a gift of 25 milligrams of elemental iron per serving.

Remarkably, the Thorne Iron Bisglycinate has the thumbs-up from NSF Certified for Sport®. That means it’s trusted by athletes who want quality without compromise. 

21st Century Slow Release Iron

best iron supplement for pregnancy NaturesPlus Chewable Iron
NaturesPlus Chewable Iron

Not only does this iron get that high potency iron you’re after, it’s also all about being gentle on your system. That means no iron-induced tummy troubles!

When it comes to supplements, purity and potency are the name of the game. You won’t find any added sugar, salt, yeast, preservatives, artificial flavors, or colors in these capsules. That’s why we deem the  21st Century Slow Release Iron the best natural iron supplement for pregnancy.

21st Century is so confident in their product that they’re offering an unconditional guarantee for the good stuff.

The manufacturing process happens in a cGMP facility. It basically means the company is playing by the strictest rules to ensure their product is top-notch.

Plus, as the name hints, the Slow Release Iron includes gluten-free minerals and features a slow release action. With the slow-release mechanism, it ensures your systems remain well-provided with iron and other vitamins for a long time.

This advantage makes it a suitable choice for expecting mothers whose bodies need a stable iron supply during the day.

Final Words

You can learn about and add foods rich in iron to your daily diet. The best idea, still, is to look for ways to get iron without pills to avoid potential side effects. However, if the usual ways of consuming iron can’t afford your body’s iron needs, your physician may advise you to take iron supplements.

Choosing the best iron supplement for pregnancy and for your body is an important decision that impacts both fetal and maternal health. 

It’s hard to take care of your health properly during this critical period, but it’s also a rewarding journey for all mothers, right?


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