Halloween is a time for scarcity with spooky decorations and eerie ambiance filling the air. Yet, what’s scarier than this is the amount of waste from disposable Halloween decorations and single-use items.

Celebrating Halloween doesn’t have to be a nightmare for the environment. This year, let’s ditch the plastic Halloween decorations and celebrate Halloween with sustainability in mind. 

Here are 8 eco friendly Halloween decor ideas that will help you ‘Creep It Green’!

Eco Friendly Halloween Decor Ideas

Use Vintage Items 

Eco Friendly Halloween Decor Ideas: Use Vintage Items

Halloween is a great time to discover hidden treasures in old items. Vintage things have a special charm that adds a nostalgic and authentic feel to your decorations.

You don’t need specific Halloween items; old dolls, toys, and worn-out bird, bug, or spider toys can work perfectly. Imagine antique dolls creating spooky shadows in dim light or ancient toys placed strategically for a mysterious vibe. With a bit of creativity and some paint, these forgotten items can become amazing sustainable Halloween decorations.

Scour local antique shops and rummage through local thrift stores – you never know what hidden gems you might unearth. Also, don’t hesitate to reach out to friends and family. Many people accumulate Halloween decorations over the years, and some items might be gathering dust in their attics. 

Borrowing these unused treasures not only reduces waste but also gives new life to forgotten artifacts. Your aunt’s vintage pumpkin lights might find a new purpose in illuminating your haunted house, and your friend’s ancient spider webs can add an authentic touch to your decor.

DIY Eco Friendly Halloween Decorations

DIY Eco Friendly Halloween Decor

Your recycling bin can be a treasure trove of Halloween potential. A simple yet effective idea is to utilize recycled Halloween decorations. Cut out Halloween shapes from cardboard and hang them in your windows against a white drape.

As darkness falls, these shapes create eerie silhouettes, setting the perfect Halloween ambiance. If you’re feeling particularly ambitious, consider crafting a cardboard graveyard. This is a fantastic way to transform your front yard into a creepy spectacle, all while keeping waste out of landfills.

For those inclined towards zero waste living, upcycled glass jars are likely aplenty in your home. Put them to good use by turning them into haunting potions and poisons. Clean the jars thoroughly and fill them with colored water. Add kombucha scoby or squishy eyeballs to create an eerie effect. 

To enhance the spooky vibe, dye the jars with coffee, giving them a dingy, aged appearance. Complete the look with labels, detailing the mysterious contents of your homemade concoctions. 

These zero-waste Halloween decor ideas not only save glass from recycling centers but also add a touch of macabre elegance to your Halloween decor.

Go for plastic-free Halloween decorations. You can use natural materials like cotton balls for crafting spider webs. Cotton is biodegradable and compostable since it comes from plants. By choosing cotton over plastic, you can make sure the spider webs return to the earth harmlessly. After Halloween, compost these webs, letting them decompose naturally and enrich the soil.

Add Moody Candles

Eco Friendly Halloween Decor Ideas: Add Moody Candles

One of the essential elements of creating a spooky Halloween atmosphere is the use of candles. They add an eerie glow that instantly transforms your space. To make your Halloween decor eco friendly, consider the following tips:

  • Go Candlelit:

Turn off the electric lights and illuminate your Halloween night with the warm, flickering light of candles. Not only does this set the perfect mood, but it also saves electricity, reducing your carbon footprint.

  • Light the Pathway:

Enhance the spookiness of your Halloween decor by lining your front door pathway with candles. This not only guides trick-or-treaters safely to your doorstep but also adds a hauntingly beautiful ambiance to your exterior. However, be cautious about safety; ensure the candles are placed securely to avoid any fire incidents.

  • Pair Candles with Pumpkins:

To celebrate the Halloween theme, place your candles beside the traditional pumpkins. The combination of jack-o-lanterns and candlelight creates an enchanting and eerie effect. Make sure the candles are enclosed in jars or holders to prevent accidents and protect them from the wind.

  • Choose Beeswax Candles:

When it comes to eco friendliness, not all candles are created equal. Avoid scented candles, as many of them are paraffin-based. Paraffin is derived from petroleum, and when it burns, it releases carcinogens into the air. 

Instead, opt for beeswax candles (try those from DW Home). Beeswax candles are made from the wax of bees and are free from carcinogens, making them a safer and more eco conscious choice.

Eco Friendly Trick Or Treat Decor

Trick or treating is a favorite Halloween activity, but it leads to a lot of plastic waste from candy wrappers and disposable containers.

To help, pick eco friendly treats with recyclable packaging, like those from Thrive Market or Unreal Snacks. Skip individually wrapped candies and choose bulk options to cut down on extra packaging.

Instead of buying plastic trick-or-treat buckets or bags, opt for reusable alternatives. Encourage your kids to use plastic-free Halloween decorations such as reusable cloth bags or a pillowcase to collect Halloween candy. 

Get creative by buying plain canvas totes that can be decorated for Halloween night and reused year after year. By doing so, you eliminate the need for single-use plastic bags that end up in landfills.

Eco Friendly Halloween Party Decorations

Use Seasonal Food As Decorations

Eco Friendly Halloween Decor: Use Seasonal Food As Decorations

Pumpkins are the classic choice for carving into jack-o-lanterns, a timeless Halloween tradition.

However, don’t stop at pumpkins. There are plenty of other foods you can use to spruce up your Halloween decorations. 

Consider using various types of squash, gourds, and dried corn husks to create a rustic and charming atmosphere. These natural items can be arranged as centerpieces, scattered across tables, or even hung up as garlands. The earthy colors and textures of these foods add an authentic autumnal feel to your Halloween party.

Try using apples and orange bell peppers as mini jack-o-lanterns. They might not last as long as pumpkins, but they’re cute and edible! After the party, you can compost the leftovers, reducing waste. Plus, they make a healthy snack for your guests.

Make Scary Desserts: Another Edible Decor Option

Make Scary Desserts: Another Edible Decor Option

Why stick to ordinary decorations when you can transform your desserts into edible masterpieces? Scary treats can serve as both yummy snacks and impressive decor. 

Take Halloween dirt cups for example. These cups are filled with layers of chocolate pudding, crushed Oreos, chocolate chips, and Belvita cookies. They not only look eerie but also taste amazing. To make them even more appealing, add edible flowers in front of the cookies. This saves your garden flowers and keeps your surroundings beautiful.

Moreover, choosing edible decorations helps cut down on waste. Guests can enjoy these treats without leaving plastic or paper behind. Also, using local organic ingredients supports farmers and reduces your carbon footprint.

Apply Modern Black Halloween Party Decorations

Apply Modern Black Halloween Party Decorations

If you want a more stylish Halloween vibe, consider a modern black theme. Using black in your Halloween decorations can make your space look elegant and sophisticated.

Creating a stylish black eco friendly Halloween decor is easy! Just use black paint on items you already have, like vases or frames. Even old Halloween decorations can get a makeover with a coat of black metallic paint. This simple trick turns ordinary items into trendy Halloween decor, blending perfectly with your theme.

Witch hats, bats, and spiders are iconic Halloween symbols. Choosing them in black adds mystery and style to your decor. Picture elegant black witch hats on your walls or subtle bat shapes hanging from the ceiling, creating spooky shadows. Black adds a modern touch while keeping the Halloween spirit alive.

Play Scary Music

Don’t underestimate the power of music when it comes to setting the Halloween mood! Creating a spine-chilling ambiance doesn’t mean relying on plastic gadgets, and music is an ideal zero-waste Halloween decor idea to consider.

Opt for eco friendly alternatives like playing a scary Halloween soundtrack from platforms like YouTube. There are numerous playlists featuring eerie tunes that can transform your space into a haunted realm.

Think of music reminiscent of Harry Potter or the classic Bach’s Toccata & Fugue in D minor on organ. These timeless compositions enhance the spooky atmosphere without harming the environment.

Bottom Line

This Halloween, let’s get into the spooky spirit with a green touch! Embrace these eco friendly Halloween decor ideas to reduce our impact on the environment and encourage others to do the same. You can create beautiful and haunting home decor using upcycled items and DIY eco friendly Halloween decorations. Have a happy and eco friendly Halloween by embracing the green approach!


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