The iPhone 15 Pro comes with many great new features, but is it that much better than the iPhone 14 Pro? In this iPhone 15 Pro vs. 14 Pro comparison, we will compare all the key differences between the two models to see whether you should buy the iPhone 14 Pro or wait for the iPhone 15 Pro to drop. 

iPhone 15 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro Specs Comparison

SpecificationiPhone 14 Pro iPhone 15 Pro
Starting price $999$999
DesignGlass front and back, stainless steel frameGlass front and back, titanium frame
Size5.81 x 2.81 x 0.31 inches5.77 x 2.78 x 0.32 inches
Weight7.3 ounces6.6 ounces
Display6.1-inch OLED6.1-inch OLED
Refresh rate120Hz adaptive120Hz adaptive
Action buttonNoYes
ChipA16 BionicA17 Pro
Storage128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB
Rear camera48MP Wide48MP Wide
12MP Ultra Wide12MP Ultra Wide
12MP Telephoto with 3x optical zoom12MP Telephoto with 3x optical zoom
Video modesDolby Vision HDR up to 4K at 60fpsDolby Vision HDR up to 4K at 60fps
Battery lifeUp to 23 hours of video playback Up to 23 hours of video playback
Up to 80 hours of audio playbackUp to 80 hours of audio playback
iOSiOS 16 (upgradable to iOS 17)iOS 17

iPhone 15 Pro vs. iPhone 14 Pro: In-depth Comparision

Design: Titanium vs. Stainless Steel

iphone15 pro titianium side
Image: Apple

The iPhone 14 Pro continues to adopt the classic design of Apple with flat edges and rounded corners, using stainless steel and glass. 

However, the iPhone 15 Pro brings a significant change with the use of grade 5 titanium for the frame. This makes the frame stronger, thinner, and lighter. In addition, the traditional Silent/Ring switch on the side has been replaced by a Multi-Function Button, which opens up more customization possibilities.

The dimensions and weight of both devices are as follows:

iPhone 15 Pro5.81 inches2.81 inches0.31 inches6.6 ounces
iPhone 14 Pro5.77 inches2.78 inches0.32 inches7.3 ounces

As you can see, the iPhone 15 Pro is slightly thinner and lighter than the iPhone 14 Pro, thanks to the titanium frame.

The iPhone 14 Pro is available in 4 colors: Space Black, Gold, Silver, and Deep Purple while the 4 colorways of the iPhone 15 Pro are: Black, White, Blue, and Natural Titanium

Display: Super Retina XDR With Dynamic Island

iphone15 pro display
Image: Apple

Both devices have high-quality Super Retina XDR displays, with the iPhone 14 Pro having a size of 6.1 inches and a resolution of 2,556 x 1,179 pixels. The iPhone 15 Pro maintains these specifications without any significant changes.

Their displays both have high contrast ratios and brightness levels, which help display sharp and vivid images. They both also support always-on display technology and ProMotion with adaptive refresh rates up to 120 Hz for a smooth and energy-saving experience.

Of course, there they have Dynamic Island, a feature that replaces the previous “notch”. Dynamic Island allows displaying quick information and provides fast action options for users. 

Similar to the iPhone 14 Pro, the iPhone 15 Pro also supports Wide Color (P3), True Tone, and HDR technologies, along with an oleophobic coating to prevent fingerprint marks.

Camera: Professional System With Photonic Engine

23mp camera
Image: Apple

The camera system of the iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro share many similarities, but also have some notable differences. 

Both devices have a professional camera system consisting of a main camera of 48 MP, an ultra-wide camera of 12 MP, and a telephoto camera of 12 MP with an aperture of f/2.8. Both also feature sensor-shift optical image stabilization of the second generation, Deep Fusion, and support recording video in 4K at various speeds. 

However, the iPhone 15 Pro brings some important improvements. It has the ability to switch focal lengths on the main camera and telephoto camera, allowing optical zoom from 0.5x to 3x. 

In addition, the iPhone 15 Pro is equipped with a Photonic Engine and Smart HDR of the fifth generation. The device also has the ability to record video in ProRes up to 4K at 60 fps.

Performance: A17 Bionic vs. A16 Bionic

new a17 pro chip
Image: Apple

The iPhone 14 Pro is equipped with a powerful 6-core A16 Bionic chip, a 5-core GPU, and a 16-core Neural Engine, which provide enough power to run most games and heavy tasks smoothly. However, the iPhone 15 Pro takes things to the next level with its A17 Pro chip.

The A17 Pro chip boasts a 10% faster CPU, a 20% faster GPU, and a Neural Engine that is twice as fast as the previous model. This means that the iPhone 15 Pro can handle more complex and demanding applications with ease. Moreover, the A17 Pro chip supports ray tracing, a technology that simulates realistic lighting and shadows in 3D graphics, and improved video streaming, which enhances the quality and speed of online videos.

Battery Life: More Or Less The Same

The iPhone 14 Pro has a battery capacity of 3200 mAh, which is decent for a flagship smartphone. However, the iPhone 15 Pro is rumored to have a slightly larger battery capacity of 3650 mAh, which is 450 mAh higher than the previous model. While this seems like a significant improvement, it does not make much difference in terms of the rated battery life of both devices. They can both run for 23 hours for video playback, 20 hours for streaming, and up to 75 hours of audio.

The iPhone 15 Pro also retains the same 20W charging speed as the iPhone 14 Pro, which means that it will take you at least 30 minutes to charge your phone from 0 to 50%. 

Price: iPhone 15 Pro or iPhone 14 Pro?

The iPhone 14 Pro had a starting price of $999 for 128GB when it was launched, and the iPhone 15 Pro follows the same pricing strategy for every storage capacity. Unlike the Pro Max models, where the iPhone 15 Pro Max is more expensive than the iPhone 14 Pro Max, the iPhone 15 Pro does not increase its price compared to its predecessor.

You can start pre-ordering the new iPhone 15 Pro on Friday, September 15th, and you can do it directly on Apple’s website or through other carriers like AT&T and Verizon. The iPhone 15 Pro will be available in stores on September 22nd. 

Conclusion: Which One Should You Choose?

The iPhone 15 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro are both excellent devices. However, the iPhone 15 Pro has some clear advantages over the iPhone 14 Pro, such as:

  • A titanium frame that is stronger, thinner, and lighter than a stainless steel frame
  • A Multi-Function Button that replaces the Silent/Ring switch and allows more customization
  • A Photonic Engine and Smart HDR 5 that enhance the camera quality and performance
  • A ProRes video recording feature that allows professional-level video editing
  • An A17 Bionic chip that is more powerful and efficient than an A16 Bionic chip

We usually recommend upgrading your iPhone after 2 years, because that’s when the iPhone has the most noticeable changes. For example, the upgrade from the iPhone 12 to the iPhone 13 was not very impressive, but the iPhone 14 was a completely different device with the new Dynamic Island feature. However, this time, the iPhone 15 has convinced me that it’s worth upgrading.


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