We’ve collected reviews from customers who have bought tea products from Teavivre and put together this Teavivre review to help those new to the brand know more about it.

Today, it is difficult to track down a specialty tea shop that delivers a perfect pot of tea for your taste buds. That’s why we were very excited when we knew about Teavivre – a Western tea store that claims to offer the finest teas.

Let’s see if its selection of tea bags and sets can actually quench the thirst of tea lovers!

What Is Teavivre?

Teavivre is a reputable online tea retailer known for its high-quality and authentic Chinese teas. The company specializes in sourcing and selling a wide variety of Chinese teas, including green tea, black tea, white tea, oolong tea, and herbal infusions.

Teavivre is recognized for its commitment to providing teas that are not only delicious but also sourced sustainably and processed using traditional methods.

Customers often turn to Teavivre for a diverse range of tea options and the opportunity to explore the rich world of Chinese tea culture.

Teavivre Review: How Does The Tea Taste?

Generally, you can expect their teas to have distinctive flavors that reflect the unique characteristics of the tea variety and the region it comes from.

Flavored Teas

Teavivre’s flavored teas is the first line we would like to bring up in this Teavivre review. It offers a delightful blend of fresh teas and natural flower fragrances. You’ll feel a harmonious and aromatic experience and want to enjoy it multiple times.

The Lychee Flower Tea is a popular choice among fans of flavored teas due to its lychee aroma paired with a floral Jasmine scent.

teavivre review flavored teas
Teavivre tea has appealing flavors that you’ll want to enjoy again and again.

The tea ball comes with two globe amaranth flowers and two jasmine poles, adding to its visual appeal. When you steep it in boiling water, it’s as if two people are falling in love at first sight, creating a heartwarming scene of mutual appreciation.

Flowering Teas

When talking about the best blooming teas, Teavivre is always one of the top names to reach out to.

Those handcrafted creations are a blend of natural dried flowers and high-quality silver needle and maofeng green tea.

The True Love Flower Tea is one of the best-selling flowering teas at Teavirve. It’s infused with a floral Jasmine scent, along with hints of Marigold and Amaranth.

teavivre review flowering teas
Flowering tea is one of the most popular products at Teavivre.

Inside the tea ball, you’ll find two globe amaranth flowers and two jasmine poles.

As the tea ball blossoms in hot water, it’s as if two people are falling in love at first sight, creating a scene of mutual appreciation. The aroma is rich and refreshing, with a long-lasting sweet fragrance.

Herbal & Fruit Teas

Teavivre distinguishes this range of teas with natural goodness. It is free from caffeine and full of flavorful ingredients like herbs, flowers, and dried fruits.

Teavivre’s Huang Shan Dried Chrysanthemum, also known as Huiju or Huizhou Gongju, comes from Anhui Province and has a historical connection as it was once presented as a tribute to the emperor.

herbal & fruit teas
The brand has something free from caffeine for you.

In traditional Chinese medicine, chrysanthemum is known for its cooling properties and medicinal benefits. It helps cool down the body, supports better eyesight, and aids in detoxifying.

For everyday use, you can simply infuse it with hot water or brew it with tea to enhance the flavor and aroma of your beverage.

Pu-erh Teas

Unlike most other teas, Pu-erh teas are known for their aging process. It gives them a matured, rich, mellow, smooth, and complex taste.

Teavivre’s Pu-erh teas are carefully chosen from tea gardens. They offer a selection, including Brick Puerh, Tuocha, Cake Tea, Raw Puerh, and the like.

For example, Zi Juan tea is unique because it’s rich in anthocyanins. That makes the entire plant purple, even the brewed tea has a subtle purple hue.

teavivre review pu erh teas
Pu-erh teas from Teavivre has a unique feel to it.

Teavivre conveniently shapes the Zi Juan Raw Puerh tea into small balls. Each weighs around 5g, making it easy to brew and carry.

The tea itself has a lavender color and a smooth, gentle flavor, without the strong bitterness found in regular raw Pu-erh tea.

Teavivre Price & Delivery

Teavivre’s prices for their teas are quite reasonable.

Flavored teas typically range from $10 to $15, with the priciest being the green tea at $31.9. The flowering teas are all under $15. Meanwhile, the herbal and fruit teas don’t go above $22, making them affordable options for tea lovers.

In addition, Teavivre often gives out huge discounts and attractive deals during big sales seasons, like Black Friday or Back To School. You can check if there’s any available Teavivre coupon code and apply it at the checkout.

Teavivre ships directly from China, a country renowned for its tea production. They will reach out to you to review some of their versatile tea offerings after your purchases.

What’s impressive is that the tea arrives relatively quickly. Teavivre shipping takes less than two weeks to make its journey from China to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, in the United States. This ensures that you can enjoy your tea without much waiting, adding to the convenience of shopping with Teavivre.

Where can I buy Teavivre products? – you may wonder. You may find Teavivre products available on some e-commerce platforms like Amazon and online tea retailers like Steepster. 

However, since the availability of products may change over time, we recommend visiting Teavivre’s official website for the most up-to-date products.

Conclusion: Is Teavivre Tea Worth Your Money?

In wrapping up our Teavivre review, it’s clear that this brand knows a thing or two about the art of tea. Their teas consistently hit the mark regarding flavor, aroma, and the health benefits you expect from a good cup of tea.

However, personal taste always plays a role in tea preferences. So, our advice is to dive into Teavivre’s offerings yourself because the world of tea is vast and diverse.

And your vivid cup is out there waiting for you!


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