To fulfill our creative art desire, we acquire and repurchase various art supplies and equipment. 

But have you ever considered their negative environmental effects? To that end, we’ve put together a list of 5 eco-friendly art supplies to satisfy your hobbies. Some of your favorites might not be on the list, which may surprise you!

Eco Pencils

eco pencils
Eco Pencils is becoming a new norm among painters

Color and graphite (‘lead’) pencils are fun to work with. However, its production should be done in an ecologically friendly manner. 

The full cost of unsustainable forestry techniques is not reflected in their price. Many of the woods utilized aren’t actually ideal for pencils, resulting in poor sharpening, splintering, and breakage.

This leads to the rise of eco pencils. These pencils can help decrease waste, making it a much better alternative than the cheap plastic ones.

Today, eco pencils are manufactured from recycled paper, biodegradable cornstarch, FSC-certified wood, and other eco-friendly materials.

We recommend the eco pencils from Stubby Pencil Studio. Stubby Pencil Studio was started in 2006 by Kate Hargrave. She was motivated by her then 2-year-old twin children, for whom she crafted stationery out of discarded materials. 

Kat transformed her pastime into a company after noticing a need among other parents for non-toxic, ethically produced, and environmentally friendly craft goods for their kids. 

Stubby Pencil Studio focuses on a wide variety of products. From recyclable paper, charming PVC-free erasers, to biodegradable soy crayons, and, FSC-certified pencils. They got you covered.

Eco Crayons

eco crayons
Many have utilized eco crayons to create fantastic art

We all adore the art our little ones create and the materials they use to create it! If you want natural and organic crayons, stick with the ones composed of plant-based waxes and non-toxic pigments. 

These two are the most reliable components found in crayons today, especially soy wax. Plus, soy wax slides incredibly well on paper, which makes it easier to handle.

The Eco Crayon from Eco Art and Craft is an excellent choice for eco-friendly uses. The crayons use plant-based waxes and butter, plus other non-toxic materials.

Plant-based: composed entirely of plant waxes and butter. Plant, root, spice, vegetable, seed, and floral pigments are used to create the color palette. All of the creative materials are vegan, nut-free, egg-free, gluten-free, and dairy-free, making them a healthy and natural option.

Non-toxic: The best thing is that they’re completely safe! Plastic, synthetic fillers, heavy metals, asbestos, paraffin (petroleum), parabens, and palm oil are all free from this product. All waxes and colors are food-grade, so they’re entirely safe if they get into young mouths.

Natural Earth Paint

Natural Earth Paint
Natural Earth Paint is an eco alternative to regular paints

One of the first things you’ll learn as an artist striving to be more eco-friendly is how hazardous paint can be for the environment. 

All of the paint you wash down the sink after each session can contribute to environmental damage both locally and globally. To prevent this, make sure you’re utilizing ecologically friendly paint materials.

Natural Earth Paint is the first place many eco-aware artists look for. Their products range from dyes, to face paints and pigments. The pigments (except blue) are listed as earth-derived, which means that they are not toxic to the environment. 

Using the pigments, you can mix your own paint to get exactly what you need per time and avoid wastage.

One of their most notable products is the Natural Earth Paint Kit – a green artist’s best friend.

When blended with water, their best-selling, 100 percent non-toxic Natural Earth Paint Kit produces a creamy, tempera-like paint. 

To make stunning watercolor-like paint, simply add additional water! The rich, brilliant colors are ideal for scrapbooking and handicraft, and they work well on wood, rocks, cloth, paper, glass, and other surfaces. 

These paints are safe for children of all ages and are completely washable. In addition, this package can yield a total of 96 oz. of paint!


Etsy is among the most popular art suppliers to date

The site is home to hundreds of small businesses, many of which specialize in green arts and crafts materials. What’s more, you can buy their products for cheap by using Etsy coupon codes during purchase!

Etsy is definitely the place to go for recycled glass beads, old wine corks, and recycled yarn. Simply type your desired keyword into the search field, and the world of Etsy will open up to you! 

Alternatively, you can access Etsy’s Art & Collectibles section to find the supplies you need. Who knows, you can find a slew of stuff you never knew existed. 

Eco-Art Pad

Eco-Art Pad

Before moving on to canvas, you would need to do a lot of preliminary drawing. This is why an art pad is extremely essential during this stage.

The Eco-Art Pad is a fantastic option for sketch novices. Each pad contains 50 9×12 pages for you to draw on. They are produced using FSC-certified paper (Forest Stewardship Council).

According to the company’s website, these creative pads are produced with vegetable-based ink and have a 30% recycled paper composition.  They’re meant to promote a child’s creativity and feeling of exploration while being safe and beneficial for the environment. 

In addition, it will very much suit a child’s interest. The humorous pictures on the cover and motivational statements on the back cover have a positive effect on them. They inspire fun and engaging exploration of a child’s creativity and imagination.


Kids and adults may learn, grow, and express their creativity through crafts and art projects. Unfortunately, certain painting supplies may include harmful substances that are hazardous to your health and the environment. As a result, you should think about upgrading to the 5 eco-friendly art supplies mentioned above.

One of the most effective strategies to shift to an eco-artist is to purchase ecological art equipment. There are several alternatives available, ranging from paints to brushes. Almost every product you use in your crafts has an ecologically friendly alternative. Do throughout the research and learn about these possibilities to improve your utilize them.

If we all pledged to use (and re-use) at least one sustainably derived item, we could collectively make a huge difference to the environment as a whole.


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