The more we plant, the greater motivation we get. This month, we donate 4,167 trees to 3 tree-planting organizations and interview one of them, Eden Reforestation Projects. Below is our detailed tree donation update:

We’re glad to finally have the chance to interview Eden Reforestation Projects – one of our major partners. If you have followed our project since day one, we became Eden’s seed partner in March 2022. Our goal is to grow this partnership to the highest level possible.

Through this interview, we will be able to understand more about Eden Projects’ planting journey, together with some useful information for planting partnerships.

Interview with Eden Reforestation Projects

Your achievement of the Eden Reforestation Projects is obviously unquestionable. If there are three words you can use to describe this planting journey, what would they be?

Community-centered, results-oriented, and determined.

There is debate about whether planting trees will help climate issues. What is your opinion on this and what keeps you moving forward with this journey?

Reforestation is an extremely effective tool for fighting climate change. According to Buis, NASA, “by planting more than 500 billion trees, atmospheric carbon could be reduced by 25%. That’s enough to negate about half of all carbon emitted by humans between 1960 and 2019.” 

As of April 2022, we have planted over 939 million trees and are on track to plant 50 billion trees by 2030.

Can you share with us your goals for this year?

By mid-2022, we will plant our 1 billionth tree. Our goal is to plant four billion trees by 2024 and 50 billion trees by 2030.

What types of trees do you plant and why do you choose them?

We plant tree species native to each area. To select our trees, we take an in-depth look at the region itself. We research, conduct field surveys, and speak with the local community to determine what types of native trees exist.

As a result, we plant different native trees at our project sites and never introduce invasive species. Having different tree species in an area increases biodiversity and encourages natural regeneration, where the forest begins to grow new trees without any help.

Although reforestation remains our primary focus, we plant agroforestry species (i.e., fruit trees) for the community to use. This provides greater community benefit and ensures that the village is involved in protecting newly reforested areas.”

What is the biggest challenge that Eden Reforestation Projects has faced?

Every day, our teams in the field overcome challenges such as thieves, wild animals, and severe weather with grit and determination to restore their environment. Today, we operate in 11 project nations, plant nearly a million trees per day, and maintain planting levels even when faced with civic unrest, poachers, landslides, or other disruptions.

We see that you have multiple planting projects. Which project has been the most successful so far?

With 92 project sites, Madagascar is our most prolific reforestation and poverty alleviation project nation. We have extensive infrastructure such as guardhouses, fire towers, and seed banks. We also developed a training center for local nursery managers to gain hands-on experience in seedling management and effective reforestation techniques.

Since our launch in Madagascar in 2007, we have planted over 747 million trees and employed over 8,800 people.

It is an absolute pleasure for Tenere to become your partner. I believe there are many others who want to collaborate with you. Can you, in brief, introduce the process and requirements for this partnership?

There are multiple ways to get involved with Eden Reforestation Projects.

For anyone looking for a long-term relationship with Eden, we offer our business partnership. This option requires an initial $250 USD partnership fee, which goes towards creating and maintaining the partnership. Business Partners must sign a Partnership Agreement and make scheduled donations as outlined in the agreement. Additionally, there is a $1,000 USD annual minimum. Once the partnership is finalized, business partners will receive access to our marketing materials, their company will be added to the partner list page of our website, and we will promote the partnership on our social media platforms.

Another option is our campaign partnership. Campaigns are a great resource for companies to temporarily raise funds to plant trees. If a prospective partner wants to create a campaign to raise donations, they do not have to sign a partnership agreement, pay a partnership fee, or meet a minimum donation amount.

If anyone is interested in partnering with Eden Reforestation Projects, I would encourage them to fill out the application through the partnerships page of our website or reach out to

What are your thoughts on Tenere Team’s potential in this planting adventure?

We are very excited about Tenere’s potential and truly appreciate the support of both Tenere and your users. Each donation makes a vast difference in helping us achieve our goal of planting trees and saving lives.

Are there any opportunities available for Tenere Team’s users if they want to volunteer on one of your planting projects?

While we greatly appreciate your desire to help, we do not offer any volunteer opportunities. At Eden, we are dually focused on reforestation and poverty alleviation. We utilize our “Employ to Plant” methodology, in which we employ impoverished individuals in the surrounding communities of our project sites to produce, plant, and protect our trees. Because we utilize this methodology, we do not offer any volunteer positions as it would take away employment opportunities that we can provide in the communities where we work.

Final Words from Tenere

The number has spoken itself. These achievements and realistic goals are what make Tenere confident that EdenProjects will grow stronger and stronger, motivating our partnership toward reforestation efforts. You can support Eden Projects directly through their website or through Tenere when shopping online. It does not take much for one individual to make a difference for the planet.


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