Concerns over deforestation and climate change are pushing the world to go green. From saving forests to preserving nature, green projects are continuously born and expanded.

Scholarships are reflecting this global trend, as scads of sponsors are providing environmentally-conscious youngsters with green awards through contests. Tenereteam has decided not to fall off the track, running the Grey Planet scholarship project, which has drawn a lot of attention as we’ve noticed.

This post is meant to present the scholarship goals and clue you into some helpful tips to up your video’s quality and increase your winning chance.

Grey Planet Scholarship’s Goals

In honor of forest advocates who have been working tirelessly to prevent forest degradation and raise the public’s awareness of the importance of trees, Tenereteam attempts to award a total prize of $3000 to undergraduates who can bring this vital knowledge to their communities and propose innovative solutions to addressing deforestation.

The goals of the scholarship are to put youth into leading roles by engaging them in forest conservation and tree planting projects, empowering them to restore environmental well-being, and providing financial aid to college students.

Applicants need to create a video about the topic ‘Grey Planet’ which either emphasizes their views and constructive ideas to turn grey earth into a green one or boasts their unique identities.

Like scholarship essays, scholarship videos take effort and time to create. It requires understanding the topic, drafting, and editing creatively. Unlike scholarship essays, it can be challenging to reuse a video for another competition. However, an awarded scholarship video will give your portfolio an edge.

How To Be Competent in This Contest?

Besides a fair amount of determination, winning a scholarship sometimes takes a bit of luck. So, ease yourself and don’t feel too pressured. Our team has compiled a list of solid tips for increasing your chance of winning when applying for the Grey Planet scholarship program.

Ensure A Suitable Background For The Video

Grey Planet Scholarship
  • Film a test clip and ensure there are no irrelevant objects within the camera view.
  • Use an uncluttered, simple background for your video.
  • Consider outdoor filming because natural lighting delivers better effects than indoor light.
  • Minimize distractions that might capture the audience’s attention, particularly moving objects. 
  • Note that changing light patterns during the day can make it evident when you splice multiple takes together. Yet it depends on your story.

Be Concise and Clear

It will be best if your video does not exceed the maximum length allowed (2-5 minutes). We would be impressed by those able to express their ideas completely and explicitly while using minimum words.

If you’re not an English native speaker, you can ask for some help to proof-view your video.

Try putting yourself in our shoes: Would you want to view a complex video with vague messages and imprecise details or a minimal one that can highlight the core value through design, layout, and creativity?

We recommend using layout and graphics to make it easier for us to locate what you expect us to see.

Answer The ‘Optional’ Questions

OK, no one wants EXTRA work, we all get it. But the Grey Planet scholarship has “optional” requirements (e.g. your previous experiences in environmental projects), and we urge you to consider them “mandatory” tasks and do them. 

Why? Because answering the additional questions shows your drive and initiative. This will also distinguish you from other applicants who probably don’t provide supplementary materials. Go above and beyond, why not?

Deliver An Inspirational Story

It depends on you whether to choose the storytelling style for your video or not, but who wouldn’t enjoy being told a beautiful story? If you’re adept at the art of storytelling, take advantage of it!

We’ve noticed that applicants using storytelling in their essays or videos generally make it far to the selection ground. So, feel free to let your inner storyteller out.

While we value a good structure and overview to quickly navigate what we’re looking for, people who can touch our hearts will go the extra mile. That’s where good stories come into play. Handling thoroughly crafted and well-composed videos may favor you as it’s a clever way to show us dedication.

Apply Early

“Better three hours too soon than a minute too late.” We strongly recommend college students apply for the ‘Grey Planet’ as soon as possible. It’s necessary to emphasize this: the scholarship prioritizes early applications.

Even when applying early doesn’t earn you any bonus points, you will have enough time to ascertain there’s no glitch with your application and deliver your best work.

Plus, the sooner you post your video on social media platforms, the more likes and shares you can grab. Remember, you can bring home $200 for receiving the most votes.

What To Do After You Win a Scholarship?

You will receive an announcement email of your winning and how to collect the prize.   

Do not stop what you are doing for the environment. Take this prize as a stepping stone. 

As this is a repeated scholarship, you are absolutely entitled to apply for our future awards with different topics.

Final Words 

Like other scholarship contests, ‘Grey Planet’ is highly competitive since only four candidates can bring the prizes home. We believe you can, yet there are some pointers to keep in mind if you want to improve your winning odds as mentioned above.

Creativity and innovation ascend the throne in this project! So, we always cherish your distinguishable personalities and points of view and really look forward to your stunning videos!

After all, the most important thing is that you’re contributing to re-building a green planet and deterring it from being covered with the ‘concrete jungle.


Valeria specializes in environmental writing, focusing on trees, sustainability, and ecological issues. Although she doesn't have formal environmental science education, her self-taught expertise and deep connection to nature define her work. At Tenereteam, she combines her passion for the environment with engaging storytelling, offering insights on forest ecosystems and sustainable living. In her free time, Valeria is actively involved in nature, which enriches her authentic and inspiring writing style.

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