Not only environmentalists, but also a lot of eco warriors out there are doing their part to protect Mother Nature. They might not be experts in this field, but they know what they can do to make things better, and they are working on it non-stop. If your friends are also part of this force, they deserve respect. And how can we show them our respect? A gift would be great, and here are the 5 best gifts for eco warriors that you can refer to.

Reusable Water Bottles

Reusable water bottles

The world is experiencing a serious plastic crisis right now. From a mere container, plastic bottles have evolved into one of the biggest causes of climate change. Approximately 1,000,000 plastic bottles are sold every minute globally, but only about 30% of them are recycled. For eco warriors, this doesn’t seem like good news, if not really bad news.

Reusable water bottles would be the perfect gift for your eco warrior friends. One reusable water bottle can replace up to 156 plastic bottles per year, so imagine if everyone in the world switched to reusable water bottles. We can save hundreds of billions of plastic bottles! And seriously, with better temperature maintenance, durability, and versatility, it’s obvious that people will prefer reusable water bottles over their plastic counterparts.

Eco-friendly Notebooks & Pens

Eco-friendly Notebooks & Pens

Eco warriors do everything they can to protect the environment. They gather information, take notes, and generate ideas and arguments to make their point. In this case, nothing suits your eco warrior friends more than a set of eco-friendly notebooks and pens. Armed with such sustainable weapons, we’re sure your eco warrior friends will be inspired and come up with the most incisive arguments against actions that harm the environment.

Currently, there is a wide range of eco-friendly, sustainable notebooks and pens available in the market. These products are mainly made of biodegradable and non-tree materials such as agricultural waste, post-consumer recycled paper, etc.

Brands like EarthHero, Rocketbook, etc. are also a part of many global environmental projects. Buying from them means that you and your friends are also doing something meaningful for the Earth.

Sustainable Bags/Backpacks

Sustainable Bags/Backpacks

Gifting your friend a bag/backpack is a great option, and of course, they should also be made of sustainable materials.

Both fashion and consumer industries are getting more and more aware of the environmental problems caused by their activities, and they’re also trying to change. A wide variety of bags/backpacks, whether for fashion or everyday use, are made of non-plastic materials.

Options like tote bags or jute bags are the most versatile, as your friends can use them to run errands and still look stylish. By the way, spreading the message of environmental issues through the images printed on the bags also sounds practical, doesn’t it?

Eco-friendly Clothes

Eco-friendly Clothes

You can also help your friends express their love for the environment through their outfits. Fast fashion has always been one of the main sources of pollution, and this is not the only problem with this trend. This is definitely not something that an eco warrior would love.

Make your friends feel that fashion looks green and sustainable. A T-shirt made of organic cotton or a pair of trousers made of recyclable textiles will make a great gift. Protecting the environment, inspiring people, and staying stylish – one simple gift can bring 3 different benefits. Brands like Eileen Fisher, Pact, etc. are the most appreciated names in terms of sustainable fashion, so you can get your friends some good stuff there.



Obviously, no vehicle can beat a bicycle when it comes to reducing carbon emissions from daily commuting. Not only that, but cycling is also very effective in minimizing travel costs and improving health. So how do you think your eco warrior friends will feel when they receive a bicycle as a gift? Of course, they will love it!

You can refer to brands like Patagonia or Rapha, as these brands are really environmentally conscious. Their beginner and professional biking gears are all made of sustainable, regenerative materials such as organic cotton and responsible wool. 

Bottom Line

Finding gifts for eco warriors is not something difficult, but it does require a bit of research if you want your gift to show its full meaning. Giving your friends the above gifts shows that you really care for the environment too, and you also appreciate what all eco warriors out there – including your friends – are doing. You can easily find all of the above products and brands on Tenere. With every purchase you make with us, trees will be planted, and our beloved earth will become a little greener.


Oliver started on everything home and art-related, from interior to gardening, as he has a great passion for art. Growing up in a home where nature was cherished, Oliver always felt strongly connected to trees and the environment. While he doesn’t hold a degree in environmental science or forestry, his self-directed learning and exploration have shaped his viewpoints. Oliver found a way to channel his love of art to the environment through contributions to the Tenereteam blog. In his free time, he often finds himself capturing the beauty of nature through photography or staying updated on the latest climate research.

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