As usual, it’s time for the monthly tree donation update. We wrapped up this August with a total of 8267 new seedlings being planted, and once again, we would like to thank all of you and our 208 partners for helping us reach another important milestone. But you are the ones who are making the earth greener and healthier day by day.

tree donation update august

In today’s update, we would like to also share our donation process so that you have a better picture of how we work.

August Update

Still the two familiar organizations that we’ve collaborated with from previous tree donations, but you know that the positive impacts that these partnerships bring about have always been appreciated. This August, we planted 6,667 trees with Eden Reforestation Projects and 1,600 trees with Trees for the Future. This brings the total trees we planted with these organizations to 28,835 and 5,800 respectively.

These contributions are obviously very small among the countless incredible efforts out there, and we understand that there is still much work to do. Many regions are still trying to regain their original green color, and millions of farming families are still in need of support. As long as the world still needs our support, Tenere promises to work around the clock and make as many positive changes as possible to the environment and people’s lives.

Tree Donation Process

In order to help you clearly understand what Tenere is doing, let’s take a tour with us and learn more about our operation.

Report monthly revenue and expenses

Every dollar you spend contributes to planting trees where they’re needed most. At the beginning of each month, the team will carefully review the overall financial report of the previous month. The report is published on Tenere’s website for transparency.

Tenere financial report

At this early stage, Tenere donate the remaining amount of revenue to tree planting organizations around the world after deducting all operating costs. These donations will be made in the form of tree planting and conservation. The total number of planted trees will also be updated monthly on our website. You can keep track of your tree planting progress by checking out your account activity.

Choose Where To Donate

Once we know how much money we’re going to donate that month, the next step is to select organizations to plant trees with. For us, selecting suitable projects is the most important part of the process. All the trust and efforts of our users and partners rest on our shoulders, so we want to put these trusts and efforts in the right place.

Tenere donation team

The team holds monthly meetings to research and evaluate different tree planting organizations/projects for donations. The evaluation and selection of organizations/projects are carried out depending on specific criteria such as the level of prestige, influence, and the values they bring to the region and local communities.

Once the final list of impressive organizations/projects is completed, we will distribute the month’s donation budget and plant trees with 2-3 top picks. With the remaining names, we will either save them for the next months or reevaluate them for another round.

Contact and Donate

As soon as we complete the list of donations for the month, our team member will email the selected planting organizations/projects to offer cooperation.

contact donation partners

We have a solid understanding of the quantity of trees to be planted and where the money will go. Organizations/projects once receiving the donations will provide us with planting certificates. These certificates are also posted in our Finance Report.

donation certificates

Wrapping Up

Transparency is Tenere’s commitment. We want to ensure our users and partners that our vision is shaping with actual efforts, and we want them to understand how we make these beautiful things happen. So, to all old and new users of Tenere, your every contribution – no matter how big or small – matters, and Tenere will help you get them to the right place, at the right time.


Oliver started on everything home and art-related, from interior to gardening, as he has a great passion for art. Growing up in a home where nature was cherished, Oliver always felt strongly connected to trees and the environment. While he doesn’t hold a degree in environmental science or forestry, his self-directed learning and exploration have shaped his viewpoints. Oliver found a way to channel his love of art to the environment through contributions to the Tenereteam blog. In his free time, he often finds himself capturing the beauty of nature through photography or staying updated on the latest climate research.

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