For consumers nowadays, a good product should not only meet their specific needs but also meet the environmentally-friendly criteria set forth by different industries. At Tenere, our goal is not to look for and work with as many stores/organizations as possible, but to work with the ones that have positive impacts on the environment as well as the users’ experience. In today’s review, we present Fluxurie – a trusted brand that can help you build a luxury bathroom in the most eco-friendly way possible. With this Fluxurie review, you will understand why this brand can stand out among so many competitors out there, especially in the area of eco-friendly products.

Fluxurie review
Fluxurie review: Luxurious and Eco-friendly

Fluxurie – “Give Customers Love, To Get Their Love”

If you’re a fan of high-end, luxury bathroom equipment, you must have heard of Fluxurie as one of the top choices in this industry. Among hundreds, even thousands of bathroom equipment suppliers big and small out there, Fluxurie has made its mark not only with top-quality products, but also with its simple yet impressive approach to customer satisfaction. Everything is encapsulated in one single philosophy: “Give love, receive love”.

This love is expressed in many different aspects, from the way Fluxurie products embellish your bathroom, to the way the brand takes care of its beloved customers. As a reputable faucets and shower systems supplier, Fluxurie knows what is good for your bathroom and can provide exactly that. With a total of over 157 products (88 shower system options, 36 bathroom faucet options, and 33 tub faucet options), Fluxurie can help make your journey to find the products that match your preference a lot simpler.

The variety of sizes, styles, and functions of Fluxurie products has made the brand famous globally, and its products have helped upgrade the living spaces of thousands of customers worldwide. Fluxurie has been very successful in pursuing its goal of turning everyone’s bathroom into a luxurious and relaxing oasis at an affordable price.

Fluxurie Bathroom Appliances: Both Budget- and Eco-friendliness Are Guaranteed

Unlike many other bathroom equipment brands or suppliers, Fluxurie attaches special importance to eco-friendliness. By that, we don’t mean that Fluxurie sacrifices quality and user experience just for the sake of being eco-friendly. At Fluxurie, the balance of criteria is a priority, and that’s what the brand is known for: reasonable price, exceptional quality, and eco-friendliness.

Despite being available at a relatively affordable price, Fluxurie products are still made of the most optimal materials, way better than many other products at the same price point. Instead of using cost-effective materials such as PVC (which emits Dioxin and CO2 when burnt, causing a lot of negative impacts on both nature and human health), Fluxurie only uses reusable/recyclable materials such as brass, stainless steel, and ceramic in the manufacturing of its products or sell products that are made of such materials.

Many Fluxurie faucet options are even equipped with premium features, typically the touchless faucet, with which you can keep the water flow rate at a specific level. This is extremely effective in reducing the excessive use of water, which brings a lot of benefits not only to the environment, but also to your pocket.

Good News Has Wings

The trust of many customers out there for Fluxurie is the clearest proof of the brand’s reputation and success. A lot of 5-star reviews, as well as impressive compliments, have been sent to Fluxurie via the brand’s homepage and other trusted review sites.

Besides positive reviews about the quality and functionality of Fluxurie products, this brand’s customer service has won the hearts of even the most fastidious customers. Whatever question or issue about the products or installation process, Fluxurie will happily help you solve them with professionalism.

Fluxurie is receiving a lot of positive feedback
Good news has wings – and Fluxurie is proving it

We’re also very excited to announce that Fluxurie is one of the top five stores with the most purchases from Tenere users this January. With Fluxurie coupons available on Tenere, we are helping a lot of consumers save when shopping and plant trees around the globe.

Bottom Line

Through this Fluxurie review, you can see how serious this brand is towards eco-friendly manufacturing and distribution. With a variety of styles and designs and a lot of interesting features, Fluxurie is definitely the go-to brand to buy from if you want to upgrade your bathroom.


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