Best coupons in one ChatGPT prompt

Other shoppers spend 13 million hours per week searching for coupons online.
Tenere (and ChatGPT) gives you this shortcut to the best coupons and discounts at over 50,000 stores and brands.

Things You Can Do

Simply put, you can ask this plugin to show you real-time discounts and valid reviews. Instead of browsing different sites, you can:

Read reviews
at 50,000 stores worldwide

How It Works

The Coupons By Tenere plugin is your coupon assistant that apply the power of AI. In a matter of seconds, you can get access to the best discount codes and deals available online. Whether it is a specific store, sale event or certain item, the tool will sort it out for you.

Why Choose Coupons By Tenere?


Tenere does not charge you any fee for the plugin. However, you need a ChatGPTPlus account to enable it


With one simple ChatGPT prompt, you receive a list of the best discounts for the day. There's no need to spend time searching at multiple places


For every complete purchase using our recommended coupons, we donate a sum of money to tree-planting projects where they are most needed

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Suggested Prompts

📊 Best coupons for Udemy
🔀 Give me today's best deals
💬 What are the biggest coupons for JBL?
📈 Show me the best coupons for Electronics
⚡ What are the current offers for Black Friday?
🔍 Arrange all the deals in table form
⏱️ Show me best deals for ipad
🗝️ I need to find discounts for hotel bookings. Any suggestions?
🔒 Explain the term of this coupon for me
📊 Arrange all the deals from smallest to biggest value


1. How can I install Coupons By Tenere?

To install Coupons By Tenere, you need to be a ChatGPT Plus user. Once you have ChatGPT Plus, follow these steps:

  • Open ChatGPT and click on GPT-4 at the top of the page.
  • Click on Plugins to turn on the plugin feature.
  • Click on the plugin button beneath the GPT mode toggle.
  • Search for Coupons By Tenere in the plugin store and click Install.
2. Can I uninstall the plugin?

If you don't want to use the plugin anymore, you can either disable or uninstall it. To uninstall, follow these steps:

  • Make sure you're on GPT-4 model.
  • Click on Plugin Store.
  • Click on Installed.
  • Search for Coupons By Tenere and click Uninstall.
3. What information does Coupons By Tenere collect?
Coupons By Tenere does not collect any of your personal information or data. We respect your privacy and security and only apply AI to find the best coupons for you. Your chat history is not stored or shared with anyone else.
4. How is my search being shared?
Your search is not being shared with anyone else, except for OpenAI. OpenAI collects your chat history to improve ChatGPT's responses and performance. For more information on how OpenAI handles your data, please see their Privacy Policy and Terms of Use.
5. Why isn't Coupons By Tenere finding working coupons?

Sometimes, Coupons By Tenere may not be able to find working coupons for your search. This could happen for two reasons:

  • The store, product, or coupon you are looking for no longer exists or is out of stock. In this case, our database won't have any information about them, and ChatGPT modal-body “hallucinate” and generate a non-working coupon.
  • ChatGPT may misunderstand your prompt or query. In this case, you can try to regenerate the response, edit your prompt, or start a new chat thread.

We apologize for any inconvenience caused by these situations, and we are constantly working to improve our plugin and provide you with the best coupon experience possible.

6. What kind of coupons does Coupons By Tenere offer?
Coupons By Tenere offers a variety of coupons for different products, categories, and stores. You can find coupons for electronics, clothing, books, beauty products, home appliances, and more. You can find coupons for small and big brands such as Naviskin, Amazon, Walmart, Target, and Best Buy. Coupons By Tenere works with over 50,000 retailers and still counting to provide you with the best coupons available.
7. How often does Coupons By Tenere update its database?
Coupons By Tenere updates its database daily to ensure that you will get the latest and most valid coupons for your search. We also hand-verify each coupon before showing it to you, so you don't have to worry about expired or fake coupons. However, some coupons may have limited availability or duration, so we recommend that you use them as soon as possible to avoid missing out on a great deal.