There’s nothing better than getting a tree full of love and sincerity to celebrate this Valentine’s Day. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind present for your sweetheart or a more loveable front yard, we’ve got you covered. In today’s article, Tenere’s highlighting 10 of the most romantic trees to spark your Valentine’s Day.

1. Crape Myrtle

Crape Myrtle, the love tree in Greek mythology

Crape Myrtle tree has been associated with love in Greek mythology when Aphrodite, the goddess of love, considered it as a sacred tree that should be cherished for eternity. What’s even more interesting is that Polytheists believed her crown was crafted from the branches of the sacred Crape Myrtle. Today, the flowers are still used in many European weddings, especially royal wedding bouquets. Kate Middleton has them in her wedding bouquet when she married Prince William, illustrating that the myrtle is a versatile flower that brims with affection for a king.

2. Cherry Blossom

Japan’s national tree, the cherry blossom

Cherry blossoms have high prestige in China, as symbols of love and the feminine mystique (beauty, power, and sexuality), but the elusive petals are treasured nowhere more than in Japan, which has thousands of cherry blossom trees. The flower can be seen in Japanese paintings, films, and poetry.

Some people even believe that cherry blossoms represent the female aura that gives you beauty and power. They even paint cherry blossoms in Japan, which are featured in advertising, poetry, television, and anime programs. Cherry trees may be found all across Japan.

The Cherry Blossom Tree is most widely recognized as the tree gifted to the United States by Japan in 1912. Many believe it represents life’s fragility and love given their blossoms’ fleeting nature.

3. Wisteria

Wisteria symbolizes love, fertility, creativity, and long life

Wisteria has a variety of meanings in many civilizations. The plant signifies love, fertility, creativity, and long life with its rich, warm beauty. It can also represent virtues such as patience and honor. Pink varieties, in particular, are associated with loving romanticism. It’s ideal for Valentine’s Day because of its beautiful appearance and enticing scent.

4. White Jasmine

one of the most romantic trees is the jasmine tree

White Jasmine Tree is renowned as a symbol of romantic romance, in addition to its mesmerizing beauty and aroma. The flowers are also a popular choice for Tuscan brides in their bouquets. Love, purity, feminine powers, sensuality, modesty, hospitality, community, inspiration, and spiritual ascent are all represented in the jasmine flower. Jasmine comes in over 200 different kinds, and it may now be found growing in warm areas all over the world.

5. Redwood

Nothing speaks everlasting love louder than redwoods

Despite the fact that redwoods do not produce lovely, romantic blossoms, they are nevertheless magnificent trees. Because of their extraordinary lifespan, they are said to represent eternity, wellness, safety, wisdom, and communication, which are the ideal qualities for everlasting love.

6. Orchids

With their elegance and beauty, Orchid trees have been used in many countries

Orchid trees have long been associated with power, beauty, monarchy, and love. Orchids were connected with vigor and fertility in Ancient Greece, while richness and elegance were associated with orchids in Victorian Europe. The pink orchid is now the customary flower for a couple’s 14th wedding anniversary, expressing love and affection. Orchids come in a variety of hues and sizes, and their symbolic value makes them a wonderful plant to present to someone you care about.

7. Peonies

Peonies – the tree of love, prosperity, and honor

People have long acknowledged peonies as a symbol of love, honor, prosperity, as well as a good life. The peony root has been utilized for medical purposes throughout history. The tree’s blossoms are among the most beautiful ones nature has to offer. The peony is now Indiana’s state flower as well as the 12th-anniversary flower for couples. Peonies, with their rich and full petals, symbolize love and wealth, making them an excellent Valentine’s Day gift.

8. Anthuriums

Anthuriums are wonders to admire with its heart-shaped leaves

The heart-shaped leaves of this anthurium plant make it aesthetically beautiful. It represents openness and generosity, making it an outstanding hostess gift. Because of its lovely heart-shaped leaves, this plant is also known as the Hawaiian Heart and the Flamingo Flower. Aside from its unusual form, the anthurium may elicit interest and conversation, making it an ideal present for someone special.

9. Tulips

tulip trees are colorful and produce playful blossoms

Tulip trees produce many colorful and playful blossoms that amaze many of us. The plant represents many symbols that are of great importance to one’s life, such as love, friendship, royalty, and prosperity. They have their origin in Turkey and have been widely popular since the 16th century when they were brought to the United States. In Turkey, Tulips are used for numerous art pieces, making them one of the most popular plants here.

Many Turkish people consider tulips as a symbol of paradise on earth, where the flower was used for many art pieces. Giving your loved one a tulip bouquet on Valentine is definitely a no-brainer as they come with a wide variety of colors and symbolic meanings, the possibilities are endless. 

10. Succulents

Succulents are often used as inhouse decorating items

Succulent trees are not often planted in the backyard, but rather placed in a pot and are used for decoration. It represents perseverance and devotion, making them an ideal gift to someone who is always there for you. Succulents are low-maintenance plants that only need to be watered once a week or less, which is very suitable for new plant parents.

In Summary

Show your love for your significant other, friend, or family member this Valentine’s Day by picking up one of these gorgeous plants. No matter which trees you choose to plant, you can be assured that your special someone will be filled with love when they see it. To learn more about trees and saving tips, visit our Tenere’s blogs.


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