Following our first donation last December, we have chosen the special number to start off this year–2022 trees. With more trees being planted, the Tenere team and our users are proud to take part in reforestation, in the hope of improving the overall environmental state of the Earth.

To continue our tree planting journey, we have collaborated with 3 organizations this month. Their achievement in environmental protection and social improvement is hands down admirable. 

In today’s article, let’s learn more about what makes us distribute the 2022 trees to One Tree Planted, Arbor Day Foundation, and Eden Reforestation Project.

One Tree Planted

One Tree Planted is the first organization we’ve donated to this month. The organization was established in 2014 in Shelburne, Vermont. As its name suggests, they are on a mission to facilitate the reforestation process of the earth. Anyone can partake in the process with only one dollar per tree. For us, it’s an excellent idea to expand tree donation from individuals and businesses. Another reason for our collaboration is that the organization has been successfully planting an exponential number of trees every year, which makes them highly trustworthy and comparable to our goal.

One Tree Planted’s efforts of reforestation

Their activities expand around the world, including Africa, Asia, Europe, Latin America, North America, and the Pacific. And we’re thrilled that they’ve implemented their reforestation project in Vietnam, in which Tenere is based. Planting and maintaining each tree costs $1. Donations are pooled and used to plant trees in carefully selected areas where they can have the greatest environmental and social impact on the community.

Although 2021 was a challenging year for everyone due to the COVID pandemic and other natural disasters, they’ve manged to plant 23,588,232 trees through 166 projects in 42 countries around the world. In total, they have restored over 35,000 hectares of trees. Asides from that, there are over 35,000 farming families supported, over 5,000 women employed and over 39,000 volunteers engaged thanks to their effort.

Amongst One Tree Planted projects, we immensely appreciate their mangrove reforestation. Mangroves are a sheer boon to the planet. They work as a filter to produce nutrients for marine species. They also protect and support biodiversity by attracting several other species of birds, reptiles, and other mammals in these areas. Those are just some of the benefits mangroves bring to our planet. 

One Tree Planted and the Local People Side by Side

Unfortunately, mangroves are vanishing from the coasts at an alarming rate as a result of cultivation, development, aquaculture, and rising sea levels. Given that, One Tree Planted actively supports mangrove restoration projects throughout Costa Rica, The Philippines, India, Haiti, and Guatemala. Currently, they’re collaborating with Rainforest Alliance and Caterpillar Foundation to restore all the mangrove areas both inside and outside of Manchon Guamuchal. 

Their goal is to plant 250 hectares and alter the terrain from 9 percent forest coverage to 18 percent forest coverage within 5 years. Therefore, we opted to donate 222 trees with an aim to support the organization to get closer to their goal. For sure this will not be the last time we work with One Tree Planted.

Arbor Day Foundation

Arbor Day Foundation (ADF) is the second projects the Tenere Team has collaborated with this month. More specifically, we have donated 300 trees to the foundation. We long to see ADF help us to grow trees where they are needed most. 

ADF supports women in Gayo Highlands to plant coffee trees

For 50 years, Arbor Day Foundation has had an immense impact on the preservation, protection, and improvement of our living environment. In order to bring more greenery to this world, they’ve planted 500 million trees. However, they know that the goal of fighting the impacts of climate change is yet far to reach. That’s why the organization is working hard on more socio-environmental projects. Not only are they working on reforestation projects, but they also have other tree-planting projects for cities. Moreover, ADF has several big educational projects related to protecting the environment and tree-planting for children. 

50 countries have benefited from the Arbor Day Foundation’s tree-planting projects. The organization has gradually restored many tropical forests in America, Africa, Asia, saved many species’ homes, protected biodiversity, and supported the local communities. We are delighted to see students and younger generations take more responsibility in protecting their living environment by planting trees in campuses, hospitals, and parks. It is undeniable that Arbor Day Foundation has brought valuable to the environment, and we appreciate them for their actions.

As the leaders of Arbor Day Foundation put it, the whole nexus between loving the natural world and loving humans is simple. It’s when we come to the park and see the kids playing, exploring, and learning more about themselves in such a fresh, adorable environment with trees and creatures. The simple concept leads us to think about sustainable development for the next generations. After all, our children deserve to live in a better environment. 

Proudly, Tenere Team and Arbor Day Foundation have shaken hands to give you a way to tackle climate change and humankind’s negative impact on the environment–planting 300 trees. We – the Tenere Team and our users will continue to trust and support ADF to reach our goals in 2022. 

Eden Reforestation Project

Founded in 2004, Eden Reforestation Project is a non-profit organization specifically operating in underdeveloped countries. Their main goal is to restore deforested natural landscapes. They are on a mission to alleviate acute poverty and restore healthy forests in Haiti, Madagascar, and Nepal. By employing local villagers and providing necessary education and tools to plant nearly a million trees per day, they have provided tremendous help to the people in these areas as well as the environment. The lives of these local people are hugely improved, with fair and consistent income. They are also able to engage in sustainable farming and fishing while their land, communities, and local economies recover.

Eden Reforestation Project Plants Nearly a Million Trees Per Day

The team starts by interacting with local communities and building relationships with local leaders dedicated to enhancing the environment. These communities show the organization where to plant, encourage citizens to restore and maintain the local forests, and how to creatively solve restoration challenges. While growing up in a culture other than their country of nationality, they have honed their skills in communicating to the communities and working in remote, poverty-stricken settings.

Their next step is to provide financial incentives and simple planting techniques to support local communities in rebuilding their environment and economy. Thanks to this, communities can easily absorb various methods of efficient planting. Moreover, they put the local community at the center of their work. This goes a long way toward inspiring commitment to reforestation and a sense of ownership over the long-term protection of their forests.

The number of trees they have achieved until 2020 speaks volumes, with over 423 million trees planted. They now have nine project nations and still maintain planting levels, albeit disadvantages such as civil turmoil, harsh weather, wild animals, and other setbacks. Their efforts propel us to join hands with them by donating 1,500 trees to their project.

Bottom Lines

Planting trees, needless to say, is worthwhile for our planet. Therefore, these 3 foregoing planting organizations are definitely worthy of support. For what they’ve achieved, the Tenere team will continue to aid them in the future. If you wish to contribute to their planting, you can go directly to their website. Or simply use our Tenere services when purchasing online. We will, as usual, deduct a part of our profit to plant trees as well as donate to planting organizations.


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