Tree-related activities for kids can always be a great topic to work on throughout the year. Because we are surrounded by trees. And trees in a variety of forms, sizes and colors play a significant role in our environment, inspiring our creativity. This Children’s Day, let’s help your kids learn more about their natural surroundings with these 5 fun activities about trees.

Teach Them How to Climb a Tree Safely

Be sure to teach them correctly and with great precautions

Tree climbing can have many benefits for children. They can learn confidence while developing strength, balance, and agility. It’s also a lot of fun! Show them how to do it safely, and then watch how high they can reach. 

We can give you a few pointers to pick a suitable tree for your kids. Simply select a tree with low branches and access points and examine each limb to ensure it is alive. Resist the urge to ascend to the top, where the branches are usually younger (and therefore more likely to break). And keep your kid’s distance from the trunk, where the branches are the strongest. Remember to watch your kids closely while they’re climbing it!

Make Bark Rubbings

Bark rubbing is a great way to enhance their creativity

Place a sheet of paper on the side of a tree and rub it up and down with a crayon to expose the bark’s pattern in color! Be sure to pick an eco-friendly crayon and other eco-friendly art supplies for your kid’s art project.

If your kid needs to cover a large area quickly, use broad crayons or remove the paper from conventional crayons and utilize the long side for a wider surface area. Compare the leaf rubbing differences to find patterns across various tree species or different heights up the stem.

Create Art From Leaves

Collect and preserve good memories with leaf art

Collect a handful of leaves, ferns, and flowers that catch your kid’s attention. Then show them how to keep their things safe! Two sheets of paper and a couple of hefty books are required for each pressing. Arrange the plant material carefully on top of one page, then cover with the second sheet and set it between two hefty books. 

Place another hefty book on top for a few weeks. When your pressings are finished, take a few picture frames and, using transparent glue, assist them in arranging their pressings to make a one-of-a-kind piece of artwork for their bedroom wall!

Your kids can also make beautiful and easy rubbings from the pressed leaves. These art pieces can be used for amusement, a diary, or a picture if they want to lighten up the house. It’s one of the most creative tree-related activities for your kids.

Simply Sit Under a Tree

Sit under a tree can help your kids focus and be mindful

While sitting can be done anywhere, there is something about trees that helps people slow down and be in the moment. Your kid may use this time to activate all of their senses to notice what is going on around them and ponder why.

For example, are the animals singing or running about, or are they quiet and still? Do different leaves travel differently in a breeze? Perhaps they are shaped differently to catch the wind, or their leaf stems are longer or slimmer, allowing them to move differently (as with Trembling Aspens). On their back, is the tree trunk smooth or bumpy? Is the light shining on their faces, or are they in the cool shade? They can utilize this time to quiet their mind and become peaceful and present. 

Make Dandelion Crowns

Dandelion Crowns are super awesome! Plus, they’re beautiful to look at

Yellow is a happy hue, and dandelion has lots of it. This plant, which can be found anywhere from flower beds to concrete fissures, has a lot to teach us about resiliency in the face of adversity. Allow your children to collect dandelions and build crowns by weaving or braiding the stems together if your yard is not sprayed. 

Simply make a rounded frame from thin young (bendable) twigs or craft wire. It is entirely up to your children to use it however they like. Whether they perform a Shakespearean play on your lawn, or just want some photo shootings. We suggest you keep a camera handy for any charming scenes and poses!

In Summary

Whether you’re searching for Children’s Day activities, Arbor Day ideas, or simply a way to welcome spring, these tree theme activities are ideal to help your kids understand more about their natural surroundings.

By indulging in tree-related activities, your kids can become more environmentally conscious. In addition, it could be a stepping stone toward eco-friendly habits for them. It is true that parenting can bring out a positive effect on nature as it raises environmental awareness for future generations. 


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