There are numerous global issues linked with the unsustainable consumption of forest resources. The world now needs humans who can plant hope for it as ‘He who plants a tree, plants a hope.’ One great approach is to support clothing brands that plant trees for every product you buy.

In today’s blog, we’d like to introduce to you 10 examples of these textile companies. They are making a significant difference to the world and helping foster environmental sustainability through consumerism-based tree planting.


Clothing brands that plant trees

As the brand name hints, Tentree will plant ten trees for every order made – which is an exceedingly amazing number. Imagine when you make ten purchases. That means you’re planting 100 trees somewhere!

Tentree crafts active, outer, and underwear, beanies, bags, and casual bottoms & tops out of sustainable materials, such as recycled polyester, hemp, and organic cotton. We’re personally into joggers and cardigans.

They also do an outstanding job of delivering transparency. Every company page educates customers on how much CO2, waste, and water their production can save.

Tree Tribe

Tree Tribe is one of the top-notch sustainable outdoor clothing brands for eco-conscious campers, offering a broad array of stylish outdoor clothing and gear.

This US-based business produces environmentally-friendly T-shirts, activewear, wallets, and water bottles. They also use steel and bamboo to create reusable straws.

Nature is the core inspiration for Tree Tribe clothing models, so what better way than giving back to nature?

With every product sold transforming into a tree, the brand desires to plant 1,000,000 trees and is trying to make this dream come true by partnering with other tree-planting companies, like Trees for the Future, Cirenas, American forests, or Eden Reforestation Projects.

So far, they have sown more than 457,000 seeds across Asia, Africa, and America.

Amour Vert

Clothing brands that plant trees

Isn’t it exciting when every tee you buy for yourself or friends using our Amour Vert coupon codes can help North America have one more tree planted? Amour Vert makes it possible!

Up to now, this sustainable clothing enterprise has planted 220,000 trees in various regions in California, Florida, and Oregon. Notably, tree-growing tees are not the only fantastic thing about the brand.

All Amour Vert’s clothes use green materials, like ethical wool or organic cotton, making them one of the typical names that promote the going-green trend in the textile industry.

They try to produce clothes in limited volumes to minimize attire waste, and a large share of their goods originate from California which cuts down on the carbon footprint of the distribution.


It’s critical that universal brands make their fashion lines more nature-friendly. Boden has realized the importance of this and has actively taken measures to attain clothing sustainability.

In particular, they create durable textiles that pose positive impacts on the ecosystem by utilizing organic and sustainable fabrics, like recycled polyester, organic cotton, or ethical wool for production.

Even their packing reflects the ethical aspect, too, which is degradable and eco-friendly. Plus, the use of biodegradable trash bags has proved Boden’s great effort to make every corner of their business go green. 


We gratefully value this brand’s forward-thinking designers, scientists, and technologists who have always worked hard to introduce bio-engineered fabrics. They’ve contributed to describing the brand as a movement rather than an attire producer.

Generally, Pangaia represents itself as a material science organization through the incorporation of sustainability and recyclability into fashion designs.

Also, they donate a fair share of their profits to the Tomorrow Tree Fund, supporting local environmental non-profit organizations in restoring, protecting, and nurturing forests.

Pangaia’s donations have assisted NGOs, including Arbio Peru, #TrillionTrees, Seatrees, and HAkA, in caring for 1,000,000 trees throughout the world. So far, this fund has sown over 160,000 seeds worldwide.

Will & Bear

The story of Will & Bear started from a journey to Australia which inspired the company owners to produce and sell ethical hat products made of natural materials.

Their hats, from fedoras and buckets to beanies and fedoras, all feature a fascinating Australian vibe. The best thing is that they plant 10 trees whenever a customer makes a purchase.

Thus, consumers can engage in tree-planting projects through their shopping at Will & Bear. Since the company’s establishment in 2016, they have successfully planted and cared for over 445 Forest Gardens acres in Africa.

We often buy Will & Bear beanies for our Australian friends as a native gift, knowing that our purchases are helping grow more trees on Earth. If you’re going to do so, don’t forget to use green wrapping paper to cover the gifts and reduce plastic pollution.


Nalo may appear as a small-sized fashion brand, but its goal is far from humble. This sustainable business aims to protect our green planet by fighting deforestation and climate change.

They grow five trees for every item sold, which poses lasting impacts on later generations. They associate themselves with the mission of producing sustainable goods that are recyclable and last longer.

Despite having a small production scale, the company has set a prominent example that all fashion lines can generate ethical production and manufacturing.

With 585 trees planted, Nalo has removed thousands of pounds of CO2 and created thousands of pounds of O2 per year. If a minor business can devote such great effort to cope with environmental crises, why can’t substantial fashion enterprises do better in fighting climate change?


One of our favorite California-based apparel stores is Melomys. The reason is that it always strives to produce eco-friendly textiles, including accessories, jewelry, hoodies, and T-shirts.

Here’s an interesting fact: The brand name is inspired by the name of the first species proclaimed extinct because of human-resulted climate change.

Another great thing about Melomys is that they offer an affordable product range ($20-$60), allowing customers to help plant trees without having to splurge a large amount of money.

Besides, the brand only purchases goods ethically produced with dye processes minimizing pollution and water usage. Also, Melomys manufactures clothes based on customers’ orders which can prevent overproduction and produce less waste.

Conscious Step

Like other companies on this list, Conscious Step produces socks using clean, recyclable cotton and doesn’t treat their material with insecticides, herbicides, or pesticides.

The name speaks volumes about how this brand works. Every step in its manufacturing process is transparent, sustainable, and conscious. Be assured that your minor purchase is helping address a severe issue.

The enterprise has planted more than 930,000 trees and protected 750,000 greeneries in many tropical forests for fresher water and air. They believe that short styles can post big impacts, and that still holds true.

Thus, whenever you want to buy cozy socks, visit Conscious Step and make eco-conscious choices to be part of their long-lasting ethical campaign.

Create Forest

Create Forest is a Canadian clothing company that plants two trees in Canada for every product you buy. This clothing company uses nature-friendly fabrics like organic cotton, wool, bamboo, and recycled polyester.

In addition, they make sure that the products are designed, printed, and manufactured by utilizing socially conscious practices that are ethical and preserve the environment. They also support the restoration of forests and wildlife habitats.

The trees planted through Create Forest’s partnerships are also never cut as they contribute to cleaner air, soil, and waterways. These measures ensure that our earth benefits from such brands in the long run.

On average, one tree produces about 260 pounds of oxygen per year. It means that if you have two mature trees, they will provide enough oxygen for a family of four. Thus, planting trees goes a long way in terms of helping the climate.

Bottom Line

Living more sustainably means cutting our consumption. However, a completely zero-waste life is beyond our reach, so we can at least strive to return the green to nature when shopping.

Also, we can be conscious and cautious of what and how often we buy. And for our purchases, we can pick manufacturers whose ethics match ours.

The above 10 clothing brands that plant trees meet us, green clothing lovers, where we are at, supporting the reforestation mission through ethical tree-planting programs.

Whenever you’re in the mood for purchasing a clothing piece, visit these stores and be an eco-conscious shopper!


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