We rarely see luxury brands like Gucci, LV, Versace, and more on sale. Therefore, the biggest shopping day of the year, Black Friday, often leaves people wondering: does Gucci have Black Friday sales? 

In fact, Gucci doesn’t offer sales, including on Black Friday or through any private events. Nonetheless, there are ways to get your desired Gucci items at discounted prices. Read one and get some saving tips on the Gucci Black Friday sale this year!

Key Takeaways

  • Look out for Gucci items on sale at high-end retailers like Net-A-Porter, Selfridges, Liberty, THE OUTNET, Farfetch, and Matches Fashion.
  • Explore discount stores, resale websites, and Gucci outlet stores for more affordable options.
  • Gucci items, especially handbags, are known for holding their value, making them not just a purchase but an investment.
  • Be aware of Gucci’s specific return policies, especially during Black Friday sales, to ensure a smooth shopping experience.
  • Be an early bird, make a list, and explore multiple retailers to snag the best deals on Gucci products.

Anticipated Discounts In Gucci’s Black Friday Sale 2023

Gucci’s Black Friday 2023 is shaping up to be an event filled with surprises and exceptional deals. While specific details are still under wraps, fashion insiders and Gucci fans are excitedly buzzing. Expectations are high for discounts on products, from their iconic handbags to the trendsetting apparel. It’s the perfect time to get that piece you’ve been eyeing all year!

Gucci Resale Value

Investing in Gucci isn’t just about owning a handbag or dress but also about making a wise financial decision. Like many high-end designer bags, Gucci bags are known for retaining their value quite impressively. 

Gucci Resale Value
Handbags resale value

The value retention can vary with the style of the bag, but typically, most Gucci handbags maintain up to 80% of their original price. Those in popular and limited-edition designs can even keep their total value or increase to 100% to 120%. And for the rarer Gucci styles, their resale value can soar even higher.

For example, according to Skylight, the iconic black leather Gucci GG Marmont Mini shoulder bag is one of five luxury ‘It’ items with the highest resale value. It was initially $1,980 at retail and tends to fetch around $1,340 in the resale market. Investing in this model could be a savvy move for those considering its future resale potential.

Gucci’s Return Policy on Black Friday

Return Policy on Black Friday

When anticipating discounts in Gucci’s Black Friday Sale 2023, it’s crucial to acknowledge Gucci’s return policies. Since Gucci doesn’t participate directly in Black Friday, any deals on their products come from various retailers, each with unique return policies. 

It’s crucial to note that many stores require items to be returned in the same manner you purchase. So, if you buy something online, you’ll typically need to return it online as well. 

Ensure that all original packaging is intact and labels stay the same until you’re sure you want to keep the item. Always read the terms and conditions for returns on each website before purchasing to avoid surprises.

Gucci’s Refund Policy

Gucci provides a complete refund for purchases made both online and in stores, with a 30-day return period. Their website clarifies, “For online purchases, the return period is 30 days, except for beauty products and corporate gifts, which have a 10-day return window. For in-store purchases, the return period is 14 days.”

However, the return policy at Gucci Outlet stores operates differently. They only allow exchanges, not refunds. Suppose you exchange an item at a Gucci Outlet for something of lesser value than your original purchase. In that case, you must select additional items to match the initial spend or forfeit the difference.

Gucci’s Previous Black Friday Highlights

Gucci's Previous Black Friday Highlights

Over the years, Gucci has stunned shoppers with its approach to the biggest shopping day of the year. Back to our question: does Gucci have Black Friday sales? Gucci didn’t join in Black Friday last year. 

While Gucci itself steers clear of Black Friday sales, there’s a silver lining for fans of the brand. Retailers that carry Gucci, like Net-A-Porter, Selfridges, Liberty, and THE OUTNET, usually offer discounts. The extent of these discounts varied by brand. Offers include a 10% discount for signing up for emails or more substantial reductions during end-of-season sales. 

This year, there are several retailers that you should follow to keep up with their Gucci Black Friday deals. These discounts come from retailers that stock Gucci products, not from Gucci directly. 

  • Farfetch: Specializing in both new and pre-loved Gucci items, Farfetch offers up to 50% off thousands of products, with an extra 20% off main sale items and free delivery. Similar deals are coming this year. Here, you can find several Gucci deals on clothing and bags with expected discounts and deals.
  • Matches Fashion: Matches Fashion, a retailer of Gucci bags, shoes, accessories, and clothing, also joins the Black Friday festivities. Last year, they slashed prices by up to 70% on select items. So, follow their website and be patient to get good bargains.
  • Net-a-Porter: Net-a-Porter’s previous Black Friday sales included up to 30% off on a wide range of products, encompassing designer clothes, luxury accessories, beauty items, and home goods. Stay tuned to see if Gucci makes the list in 2023.

What about Gucci Beauty? Discounts extend to Gucci Beauty and Fragrances, too. For example, Sephora and John Lewis offered up to 50% and 20% off on selected beauty products during the last Black Friday. So, let’s expect similar promotions in the upcoming sale.

But there are more ways to save: The hunt for Black Friday deals on Gucci extends beyond high-end retailers. Here’s how you can find more Gucci deals during this shopping season.

  • Discount Stores: Your go-to retailers might have sister discount sites offering Gucci items at lower prices, particularly sunglasses. For instance, Saks Fifth Avenue operates Saks Off 5th, and Nordstrom has Nordstrom Rack, where discounted Gucci products are available. 
  • Resale Websites: When specific Gucci items are hard to find on sale or discount sites, particularly handbags, visit resale sites. Platforms like Fashionphile offer a variety of resold luxury items, including many sought-after Gucci products.
  • Gucci Outlet Stores: Gucci outlet stores are a treasure trove for those who don’t mind last season’s fashion. These outlets often feature products from the previous season at reduced prices. Gucci’s timeless style means that many past-season items still look chic and contemporary. You can usually find these outlets in malls, where shopping for designer brands becomes a more affordable experience.

Following all these stores for Gucci deals might be overwhelming. So, Tenere is here to help: Be our follower, and we will give you up-to-date information on the latest Black Friday deals this year. You will get the best discounts not only from Gucci but also from other well-known brands like IKEA, Brandy Melville, Apple, and more.

Best Current Gucci Deals 2023 

does Gucci have Black Friday sales?

2023 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for some incredible deals on all things Gucci. From ultra-stylish sunglasses to luxurious jackets and trendy accessories, there are dozens of discounts that are just too good to pass up. Here’s a roundup of the most tempting Gucci deals available in 2023:

1. Gucci 56MM Rectangle Sunglasses

These sleek black rectangle sunglasses are a versatile choice for any face shape. With the brand’s name in gold on the side, they offer a subtle nod to luxury.

  • Original Price: $610  
  • Deal Price: $279.99 at Saks Off 5th  
  • Savings: $330.01  

2. Gucci Sequin-Embellished Cotton-Blend Velvet Jacket

This dazzling sequin-zipped jacket is a showstopper crafted from a comfortable cotton blend.

  • Original Price: $4,200  
  • Deal Price: $1,801 at The Outnet  
  • Savings: $1,890  

3. Gucci Eyewear Hexagon Framed Gold Tone Optical Glasses

These ’70s-style frames are a fashion favorite, offering a flattering look for various face shapes.

  • Original Price: $520  
  • Deal Price: $312 at Net-a-Porter  
  • Savings: $208  

4. Gucci Embellished Perforated Leather Gloves

These chic leather gloves, adorned with faux pearls, are made from 100% lambskin and are perfect for winter.

  • Original Price: $1,410  
  • Deal Price: $848 at The Outnet  
  • Savings: $562  

5. Gucci Printed Modal and Silk-Blend Gauze Scarf

A beautiful sky blue scarf that can be styled in multiple ways, adding a touch of elegance to any outfit.

  • Original Price: $435  
  • Deal Price: $260 at The Outnet  
  • Savings: $175  

6. Gucci Women’s Hollywood Forever Embellished Cat Eye 52mm Sunglasses

These glamorous studded sunglasses are statement pieces suitable for any face shape and size.

  • Original Price: $1,320  
  • Deal Price: $738 at Bloomingdales  
  • Savings: $582  

7. Gucci Leather Strap Watch

An elegant black leather watch, perfect for gifting, with a scratch-resistant face and enduring style.

  • Original Price: $980  
  • Deal Price: $539.97 at Nordstrom Rack  
  • Savings: $440.03  

8. Gucci Bloom Eau De Toilette Spray

A classic fragrance, ideal as a gift or personal indulgence, is now available at a significant discount.

  • Original Price: $99  
  • Deal Price: $59.95 at Amazon  
  • Savings: $39.05  

9. Gucci Leather Wallet

A sleek and functional leather wallet, perfect for everyday essentials, now at a reduced price.

  • Original Price: $765  
  • Deal Price: $498 at The Outnet  
  • Savings: $267  

10. Gucci Stainless Steel Rubber Strap Watch

This sporty yet elegant watch is water-resistant, making it a versatile accessory for any occasion.

  • Original Price: $660  
  • Deal Price: $396 at Saks Off 5th  
  • Savings: $264  

11. Gucci Bamboo Eau de Parfum

A warm, floral fragrance with lily, sandalwood, and vanilla notes is now available with a 25% discount.

  • Original Price: $108  
  • Deal Price: $79.99 at Saks Off 5th  
  • Savings: $28.01  

12. Gucci Leaf Motif Sunglasses

These unique leaf-carved sunglasses make a bold fashion statement and are currently available at over 50% off.

  • Original Price: $1,145  
  • Deal Price: $499 at Premium Outlets  
  • Savings: $646  

These deals provide a fantastic opportunity to own a piece of Gucci’s timeless elegance at a fraction of the cost. So, check it out before the sales end.

Gucci’s Black Friday: Expert Shopping Tips

Shopping for Gucci’s Black Friday sale can be a thrilling experience. With a few smart tips, you can easily find your way through the fancy world of luxury brands. Here are some expert steps to enhance your Gucci Black Friday shopping:

  • Pay attention: Gucci’s best Black Friday deals may disappear quickly. Being early, whether online or at the store, gives you a better chance to grab those items. For online shoppers, it means following the social channels of Gucci and other retailers and checking until the sale goes live.
  • Make a list: The influence of Black Friday makes it easy to get lost and buy unwanted things. Before the sale starts, decide what you want. Whether it’s a classic handbag or a pair of shoes, having a clear goal helps you focus and make quick decisions.
  • Check multiple retailers: There are many places to get your desired Gucci items, so don’t limit yourself to their official site or store. Explore other high-end retailers that stock Gucci products. If lucky, you will get additional discounts or exclusive deals.

By following these tips, you’ll be well-equipped to make the most of Gucci’s Black Friday sale, ensuring a successful and satisfying shopping experience.


  1. Gucci's Sale Cycle: Is Black Friday Included?

    Gucci doesn't hold sales, not even on Black Friday or through private events. However, you can find Gucci products on sale at other retailers offering exclusive discounts and deals. These sales are more about quality than quantity, so you better check it out immediately.

  2. Does Gucci offer Black Friday sales in the USA?

    As mentioned above, Gucci's well-known name means its products are expensive, and discounts are rare even on Black Friday. While Gucci doesn't have its own Black Friday sales, many stores that sell Gucci items do, and they're already offering some big deals.

  3. Do luxury brands do Black Friday sales? 

    Luxury brands don't always run Black Friday sales directly, but you can usually find discounts on these high-end labels on websites like Farfetch, Net-a-Porter, THE OUTNET, Matches Fashion, etc. 

After all, scoring a deal on a Gucci item should feel like a victory. So, are you ready? Let’s make this Black Friday a stylish one with Gucci. Happy shopping, and may you find that perfect Gucci treasure!


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