Black Friday this year is coming in Nov 24. If you’ve got a soft spot for Brandy Melville’s laid-back style, you might wonder: Does Brandy Melville do Black Friday sales?

As we mentioned in our previous article on Brandy Melville’s Cyber Monday sale, the brand doesn’t offer massive discounts to maintain exclusivity. However, there are still some special occasions with shocking deals. 

Let’s peel back the layers of Brandy Melville’s sales plan and see what you can expect this year.

List Of Brandy Melville’s Sale Deals 

When you’re a fan of Brandy Melville, you know that the thrill isn’t just in the shopping – it’s in the hunt for that perfect deal. So, let’s take a little journey throughout the year and peek at the kinds of deals Brandy Melville might toss into the mix.

New Year Sale

New Year Sale

Ring in the New Year with Brandy Melville’s incredible offerings. Shoppers can find tempting discounts on the freshest arrivals, chic bottoms, trendy tops, and much more. If you’re new to Brandy Melville, you’re in for a treat — enjoy a welcoming 20% off your first purchase. Make sure to browse through the latest deals to kickstart your savings.

Thanksgiving Sale

On Thanksgiving Day, which falls on the fourth Thursday of November each year, Brandy Melville offers a storewide 20% discount. This sale boosts customers to update their wardrobes with cozy sweaters, stylish tank tops, delicate intimates, and versatile cargo pieces. 

This exclusive sale is available at Brandy Melville’s physical stores across the USA, and please note that it’s a cash-only affair. Store opening times may vary; while some welcome early birds at 7 AM, others, especially in busier locales, may start the sale at midnight.

To enjoy Brandy Melville’s holiday spirit, visit well-known locations, including The Grove, Walnut Creek, Topanga, Westlake, Studio City, San Diego, Broadway, Irvine, Santa Monica, San Francisco, and Ala Moana.

Black Friday Sale

As Black Friday is one of the biggest sale days of the year, many well-known brands, like IKEA, PhoneSoap, Ulta, Teleflora, Gucci, and more, choose to join this event. They offer shoppers countless deals to kick-start our shopping spirit.

does brandy melville do black friday

But does Brandy Melville do Black Friday? Yes. The sought-after Brandy Melville sale launches right on the heels of Thanksgiving. There are savings with countless discounts across various items, including Brandy Melville’s elegant jewelry, chic bags, cozy socks, stylish belts, and beyond. 

Don’t miss out on fantastic Brandy Melville coupons during this shopping festival. If you’re plotting a shopping trip to Brandy Melville, this sale is the perfect time to indulge.

Cyber Monday Sale

While this sale may not have the same buzz as others, it’s still a prime opportunity to discover fantastic deals and savings on clothing, sports gear, and electronics

For Brand Melville fans, you won’t see them throwing massive sales, but they do have several offers, such as free shipping on minimum spending. 


When Christmas Eve rolls around, Brandy Melville gears up to offer incredible deals. New shoppers at Brandy Melville can get a sweet 20% off all orders. So, watch for the latest specials to save some cash.


Brandy Melville cuts prices on many items for Christmas, including denim jackets, cargo pants, puffer jackets, and crop tops. Also, they will share extra discount codes on all their social media pages, especially Instagram, so don’t miss out. 

And for those of you in Australia, you’re in luck! The new store on Chapel St in South Yarra, Melbourne, is ready for you to visit. The big sales might be more about visiting the store than shopping online, but either way, you’re guaranteed to find some great deals.

Warehouse Sale

The Brandy Melville warehouse sale is the hottest ticket at this brand, slashing prices across the board. Imagine getting the chic women’s tops, the comfiest jeans, and the trendy graphic tees without emptying your wallet. 

Deals start at just $5, climbing to $10 and $15 for fantastic finds. This shopping holiday usually goes on for a full two to three days of non-stop bargain hunting.

Warehouse Sale

Heads up, though—this sale is all about cash. No cards swiping here, so hit the ATM before you go. And here’s a pro tip: show up early to grab the best stuff. You could score something that’s usually $50 for just a tenner. Now, that’s what you call saving big!

In-Store Sale

Brandy Melville’s physical stores occasionally have their little party with in-store-only sales. You’ll find daily discounts on all sorts of items, from shirts and graphic sweatshirts to trendy hats and cute hair accessories. These are the brand’s little secrets, so following your local store’s social media might land you in the middle of a sale you didn’t see coming.

Garage Sale

Brandy Melville’s Garage Sale is quite the event, much like their Warehouse Sale, but you’ll find it across the United Kingdom. Imagine walking into a room filled with thousands of styles, all tagged with friendly prices like 5€, 15€, 20€, and 25€.

These sales often happen in big spaces where clothes are sorted in boxes by type or category. If something catches your eye, don’t hesitate – just go for it! And here’s a little advice: bring your bags so you can haul away as many finds as you can carry without needing to use the sale’s plastic bags.

Anticipating Brandy Melville Black Friday Deals

Anticipating Brandy Melville Black Friday Deals

Now you have the answer to the query: Does Brandy Melville do Black Friday? As the leaves turn and fall signals the start of the shopping season, anticipation for Black Friday begins to build up. If you’re setting your sights on Brandy Melville this year, it’s all about strategy. 

While the brand keeps a low profile during this shopping event, there are still ways to get your desired items at a reasonable price. Here are some tips to maximize your chances of scoring a good deal from Brandy Melville during the Black Friday hustle.

Tips for Maximizing Brandy Melville Black Friday Discounts

  • Stay alert: Brandy Melville is infamous for dropping deals without much hype. Ensure you’ve subscribed to their newsletter and follow them on social media. If they start a Black Friday special, you’ll be among the first to know.
  • Check out third-party retailers: Sometimes, you can find Brandy Melville items at other retailers participating in Black Friday sales, like Amazon, Target, etc. Keep an eye on these stores, as they might offer the Brandy Melville item you’ve been dreaming of at a discount.
  • Gift Card savvy: In case you can’t find a Black Friday deal, consider buying a Brandy Melville gift card. Some retailers offer bonuses with gift card purchases during the holiday season.
  • Be patient: Don’t lose hope if Black Friday doesn’t bring the deals you were hoping for. Brandy Melville could have something up its sleeve for Cyber Monday, Christmas, or even a random flash sale.


  1. Does Brandy Melville do Cyber Monday?

    Brandy Melville tends to be low-key about Cyber Monday. They don't create a big hype of huge sales, but there's still a chance for exclusive deals. Stay tuned to their website and consider subscribing to their newsletter to catch any Cyber Monday surprises they might quietly drop. Otherwise, follow us for the most up-to-date information on deals coupons. 

  2. Does Brandy Melville sell more than one size?

    One unique feature of Brandy Melville is its “one size fits most” approach, which has started quite a conversation. While this means a more limited range, it's all about that easy, breezy fit that they believe can work for many body types.

  3. Why does Brandy Melville only sell small sizes?

    Brandy Melville's approach to sizing is tailored to align with the brand's signature aesthetic and image. They've opted for a more limited size selection to maintain the distinctive style they're known for. This choice has met mixed reactions but remains a defining aspect of their brand identity.

  4. When was Brandy Melville most popular?

    Brandy Melville soared in popularity in the 2010s, particularly among teens and young adults. Their rise was fueled by the brand's ability to capture the casual-cool style of the moment and their strategic use of social media to build a strong following.

So, it’s time to go for Brandy Melville shopping. Remember these tips and insights; you might get the best items without breaking the bank. It’s time to bookmark those pages, set your reminders, and happy shopping!


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