Prime Day and Black Friday are two of the biggest sale events of the year that savvy shoppers gear for. Both offer enticing deals, but is Prime Day better than Black Friday, or is it the reverse? 

To have a detailed answer, we will dive into different aspects of these shopping festivals: sale duration, pricing, product options, and return policies. Read on to discern which event suits your shopping needs and budget better.

Key Takeaways

Prime DayBlack Friday
Sales DurationTypically 48 hours with possible pre-sales.Extends over a week, including Cyber Monday, with some early November deals.
Pricing StrategiesExclusive deals for Amazon Prime members, deep discounts on Amazon products.Wide range of deals across various retailers, price matching, online and in-store options.
Product CategoriesFocused on Amazon products and smaller electronics.A broad range, including big-ticket electronics, toys, apparel, etc.
Return PoliciesExtended return period, straightforward process, mostly free returns.Varies by retailer. Some offer extended holiday returns and possible restocking fees.

Sales Duration

Prime Day and Black Friday are two well-known terms for many shoppers worldwide. To decide which shopping event you should spend money on, let’s start by comparing their sale duration. 

Prime Day Deals:

  • Prime Day usually spans two days, though pre-sales and early deals often appear in the days leading up to the event.
  • This year, Amazon offered a second Prime Day in October, the “Amazon Prime Big Deal Days.”
  • Some offers, especially on Amazon’s products and services, may extend beyond the official 48-hour.

Black Friday Deals:

  • While Black Friday traditionally refers to the day after Thanksgiving, many retailers extend deals throughout the week.
  • Following Black Friday, Cyber Monday often acts as an extension, particularly for online deals.
  • As a Black Friday trend, some retailers start offering deals early in November, turning the entire month into a shopping event.

Although Prime Day has evolved from a single day to encompass several days of deals, the window to explore and capitalize on these savings remains considerably shorter compared to the extended period offered by Black Friday deals. 

Knowing the duration of the sales for both Prime Day and Black Friday, you can now plan your shopping and avoid missing out on the best deals.

Pricing Strategies

Is Prime Day better than Black Friday on pricing?

“Is Prime Day better than Black Friday?” is more than a simple yes or no question. However, most shopper will make their choice based on pricing. Therefore, let’s break down the pricing strategies of these two shopping events:

Prime Day Deals:

  • Prime Day often features special prices exclusive to Amazon Prime members.
  • Prices on Prime Day can change rapidly. Dynamic pricing means some deals may fluctuate throughout the event.
  • Short-term, dramatic price drops are common, but these deals are time-sensitive and limited in quantity.
  • Bundling products together often results in a lower price per item.
  • Significant reductions in Amazon-branded products, like Echo and Kindle, and services like Audible and Amazon Music.
  • Shoppers can use one of these active Amazon coupons and deals at the Checkout for more savings: a $100 Gift Card With An Amazon Prime Visa Card, Free Prime Membership For 30 Days + Free 2-Day Shipping, 20% OFF Your Total Order, etc.

Black Friday Deals:

  • Unlike Prime Day, the best thing about Black Friday is that numerous retailers participate in this event, leading to various deals.
  • Meager prices on specific items are common but often available in limited quantities.
  • Many retailers offer price matching so customers can get the best deal even if a competitor offers it.
  • Black Friday provides online and in-store deals, though online shopping has become increasingly prominent.

In essence, while Prime Day and Black Friday differ in their pricing approach, both provide substantial opportunities for savings. The key is understanding and aligning these differences with your shopping goals and preferences. 

Product Categories

Product Categories

Another significant difference between Prime Day and Black Friday is the range of products available. Here are their unique strengths and how to know which suits you more.

Prime Day Deals:

  • Amazon Fire TVs, Echo speakers, and Kindles often see their lowest prices during Prime Day.
  • Prime Day offers deals on various gadgets, focusing on smaller electronics like headphones, smartwatches, and home automation devices.
  • Fashion and apparel are growing categories on Amazon, with discounts on clothing, shoes, and accessories.

Black Friday Deals:

  • Tech items like gaming consoles, laptops, and high-end smartphones are typically offered at more competitive prices during Black Friday, making it an ideal time for such purchases.
  • A significant focus on toys, furniture, home decoration products, and clothing is perfect for holiday gift shopping.

Black Friday’s most significant edge over Prime Day lies in the vast number of participating retailers. This widespread participation fosters intense competition, often leading to fantastic deals. 

On the other hand, Prime Day focuses more on Amazon and a few other key players. This event is the prime time for deals on Amazon’s products. 

So, for those who favor Amazon’s brands or don’t mind opting for them, Prime Day may be a goldmine of savings, potentially eliminating the need to wait for Black Friday’s deals.

Return Policies

Return Policies

Return policies are another crucial aspect of the shopping experience, particularly during major sales events. Here’s a breakdown of what you can typically expect from Prime Day and Black Friday regarding return options and policies.

Prime Day Deals:

  • Amazon often offers an extended return period for items purchased during Prime Day.
  • Their return process is generally straightforward, with options for free returns on many items.
  • While many returns are free, some categories of items might incur return shipping costs, depending on the reason for the return.
  • Sometimes, Amazon offers an instant refund option, allowing you to receive your refund before you’ve even returned the item.

Black Friday Deals:

  • Since multiple retailers participate in Black Friday, return policies differ greatly from one store to another.
  • Many retailers extend their return periods during the holiday season, which includes Black Friday.
  • Some items, especially electronics, may have restocking fees if returned.
  • Check if returns can be made in-store for online purchases, which might save on return shipping costs.

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Maximizing Savings: Expert Tips for Both Events

Maximizing Savings: Expert Tips for Both Events

Regarding Prime Day and Black Friday, we can’t talk less about scoring the best deals. Whether you’re an impulsive buyer or a careful planner, there are strategies to maximize your savings and satisfaction during these popular sales events. Follow these expert tips for a smoother shopping experience:

For Better Prime Day Deals:

  • Become an Amazon Prime member: Sign up for a free trial of Amazon Prime if you’re not already a member. You need a Prime membership to access the Prime Day deals, but you can cancel it anytime within 30 days without being charged. To sign up for a free trial, visit the Amazon Prime page and click the “Start your 30-day free trial” button.
  • Use the Amazon app: Download the Amazon app and turn on the notifications. It gives you early access to some deals, lets you watch upcoming deals, and gets alerts when they go live. That’s how you plan your shopping and avoid missing out on any deals you’re interested in. 
  • Utilize other tools: Use Amazon’s tools and features like wish lists, coupons, and price trackers to find the best deals on your desired products. Also, follow us to get updated with the latest offers from Amazon and other well-known brands. 

For Better Black Friday Deals:

  • Make a plan: Start your shopping early and plan carefully. Compare prices and products from different websites and stores. You should find what you need and stick to it when shopping. This tip helps you avoid buying things you will regret later.  
  • Shop for specific categories: Looking for electronics, appliances, and toys deals will help you save more. These categories usually have the most discounts and the highest demand during Black Friday.
  • Use coupons & deals: Coupons, promo codes, and cashback offers are common ways to save more money. You can find these on the retailer’s website, app, social media, or our website, Tenere.
  • Check the policies: Check each product and retailer’s return policy and warranty. You may need to return or exchange some items or get them repaired or replaced, so make sure you know the terms and conditions before you buy.

For Both Events:

  • Stick to your budget: Consider using budgeting apps or spreadsheets to monitor your expenses during these events. Also, impulse purchases can quickly add up. Before finalizing a buy, pause and ask yourself if it’s something you need or have planned for.
  • Be flexible and realistic: If your preferred product isn’t available at a discount, look for similar items that offer good value for money. Further, having a clear idea of what you want and its acceptable price range helps you make swift, informed decisions.
  • Be safe and secure: Ensure your device’s antivirus software is up to date to fend off any malicious attacks. If a deal seems unbelievably good, it might be a scam. Verify the authenticity of offers, especially those received via email or social media.

By following these guidelines, you can enjoy Prime Day and Black Friday more responsibly, making wise purchase decisions without compromising your financial health or personal security.


  1. Are Kindle deals better on Black Friday or Prime Day?

    Kindle deals tend to be more favorable on Prime Day. As an Amazon product, Kindles often see significant price reductions during Prime Day, with some of the year's best offers. While Black Friday also features discounts on Kindles, they are generally not as steep as Prime Day's.

  2. How long does Prime Day last?

    Prime Day initially started as a one-day event but has since expanded. In recent years, it typically lasts for 48 hours. However, it's common to see deals and discounts appearing in the lead-up to the official event, extending the savings period.

  3. Why is Prime Day a big deal for consumers?

    Prime Day is significant because it offers exclusive deals to Amazon Prime members, often including substantial discounts on various products. It's particularly notable for deals on Amazon's products and services. Additionally, the event spurs other retailers to offer competitive deals, benefiting consumers with more choices and savings.

  4. When to shop for the best value?

    For the best value, it's essential to shop during the early hours of these sales events, as some of the best deals, especially those labeled as “doorbusters” or “lightning deals,” can be limited in stock and time. 
    Keeping an eye on pre-sale deals can also be helpful. Additionally, consider shopping towards the end of these events, as some retailers may offer additional discounts to clear stock.

As we explore whether Prime Day is better than Black Friday, it’s clear that both events offer unique chances for savings. Whether you’re a tech enthusiast, an Amazon fan, or simply looking for great deals on everyday items, these shopping events have something for everyone.

Happy shopping, and may you find the best deals that these shopping festivities have to offer!


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