With our successful tree donation in January, we continue our meaningful journey with 1,950 trees donated to 3 planting organizations. As promised, we will work at full throttle to support tree-planting organizations with as many trees as possible. 

This month, we continue to donate a portion of our profits to our old pals One Tree Planted and Eden Reforestation, and another new yet active planting organization, Plant For The Planet. We believe that our donations will help these organizations achieve better tree-planting results, thus contributing to environmental improvement.

300 Saplings To The AR100 Project of One Tree Planted

Tropical rainforests in Africa are home to millions of trees and animals. Many trees and animals here are rare and also on the verge of extinction. About a hundred years ago, people in Africa used to live in harmony with nature. They grew indigenous trees, harvested fruits, and caught fish in mangrove forests as well as along the rivers.


Due to climate change, droughts last longer than ever before. Trees are not producing as many fruits as usual because of harsh weather and nutrient-deficient soil. Yet, deforestation is still happening rapidly. 

Many trees have been cut down to fill the country’s wood fuel and charcoal needs. We understand that local farmers there need wood for fuel or to sell to feed their families. Once you set foot in the far reaches of Africa, you will feel sympathy for the lives of the poor there.

That’s why we need to plant trees again to make up for the loss and encourage sustainable development in Africa. Unhesitatingly, the Tenere Team has donated 300 trees to the AR100 project of One Tree Planted this February. The project focuses on providing jobs to minimize poverty in local communities, improving climate change resilience, mitigation, and restoring forest cover to boost food security.

With this donation, the Tenere Team is lighting up the hope that 100 million hectares of deforested and degraded land in Africa will soon be restored by 2030.

1000 Trees and Partnership with Eden Reforestation Project

Eden Reforestation Projects

This month, we continue to donate 1000 trees to the Eden Reforestation Project. But the good news didn’t just stop there: we are delighted to become partners with Eden Reforestation Project. Perceiving their decisive attempt and goal of planting trees to protect the environment as well as improve society, we will donate trees to the Eden Reforestation Project every month from now on.

Eden Reforestation Projects is a nonprofit organization dedicated to preserving forests in remote areas around the world. Every month, they grow, plant, and preserve millions of trees, contributing to the long-term sustainability of the local environment and economy.

They work side-by-side with communities to restore not only the local forests but also their way of life. They give communities hands-on training for conserving the environment. That way, they have transformed several lifeless forests into diverse, self-sustaining ecosystems.

Eden Reforestation Projects works side-by-side with communities

One of their impressive achievements is reforestation in Madagascar. They began experimenting with reforesting one hectare at a time in order to create a greenbelt linking fragmented forest. 

More specifically, they placed seed balls containing seeds of native tree species at higher and closer densities in this one-hectare experiment. Thanks to their efforts, this once barren area is starting to flourish once again. And we appreciate that immensely.

650 Trees to Plant For The Planet

For the first time, we’ve donated 650 trees to Plant For The Planet. This organization is outstanding compared to others. What surprises us is that it was founded 15 years ago by a boy who was only 9 years old at the time. Currently, most members of the organization are children and youth, all sharing the same purpose: to bring back a trillion trees. They also give speeches to adults, persuading them to act and fight for their future.

Plant For The Planet

There are currently three trillion trees in the world, and Plant For The Planet believes that we can plant one billion more. With the current climate crisis, reaching this goal is a necessity, because lowering emissions via reforestation is the only way to keep the temperature rise below 2°C. Moreover, reforestation helps to avoid the loss of plant and animal species, as well as improve local water quality.

For this goal, the Trillion Tree Campaign began its mission in 2018 to register, monitor, and donate around the world. As of May 30th, 2021, 164 restoration projects are taking part in the initiative, resulting in 13.96 billion trees having been planted globally. This is an incredible achievement.

Along with the Trillion Tree Campaign, their Yucatan restoration activities are also remarkable. From 2015 to 2021, a team of 124 people working hard during the rainy season every year planted 7.9 million trees. Their goal this year is to plant 3 million more trees.

To reach the milestone of one trillion trees, they created the Plant For The Planet App, which makes planting trees worldwide easier for anyone without any limitations. This app is open-source, free of cost, and without divulging personal data. You can make use of this app to support tree planting projects all over the world, no matter if you are an individual, group, or business.

Bottom Lines

Within 3 months, Tenere members have committed to the mission of tree donation by donating to these exceptional planting tree organizations. The total number of 5,931 trees donated inspires us to work even harder in the future. And you can support us by using Tenere for your online purchases. That way, you contribute to our tree planting as we deduct a part of our profit to plant more trees.


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