Here is some good news to start the second half of 2022. This July, thanks to over 150 merchants and the support of our users worldwide, we have successfully planted 8967 new trees. This is indeed an incredible growth compared to the previous tree donation update, and we guarantee that we will bring you good news like this every month.

July’s Tree Donation Highlights

This month, we’ve donated to 3 projects: Trees for the Future (1800 trees), One Tree Planted (500 trees), and Eden Reforestation Projects (6667 trees). If you’ve been following Tenere for a while, you probably know that these 3 organizations have earned our trust from the beginning of the project.

We get motivated a lot by the inspiration that these organizations have done not only for the environment but also for the local communities involved. These 3 organizations have planted billions of trees in over 47 countries; hundreds of thousands of lives have been changed for the better thanks to these projects.

july tree donation update

Tenere – on behalf of our users and merchants – is proud to be able to contribute even just a little to these amazing results. By planting trees where they are needed, we can save not only the Earth but also the livelihood and the future of so many unfortunate people.

Interview with SeaTrees

Besides the 3 familiar organizations above, Tenere has also partnered with several other organizations. It’s all for the purpose of spreading our messages and actions to every corner of the world. In this tree donation update, let’s meet SeaTrees – a potential and important partner in our planting journey.

Q: Your achievement of SeaTrees is obviously unquestionable. If there are 3 words you can use to describe this planting journey, what would they be?

A: Impactful, sustainable, solutions-oriented

Q: There are debates that planting trees won’t be enough to fight against climate change. What is your thought on this and what keeps you moving forward with this journey?

A: The ocean has the superpower to reverse climate change, but it needs our help. Unlike other tree planting initiatives, the sole focus of SeaTrees is on blue carbon coastal ecosystems. We focused on blue carbon coastal ecosystems because: they’re highly effective at carbon sequestration; critical ecosystems on the verge of collapse; methods exist to restore and regenerate these ecosystems; the story to protect ocean health is powerful and compelling; it’s not too late to act, but we must act fast.

Q: Congratulations to SeaTrees that you have achieved your goal of 1 Million Seatrees planted. Can you share with us your goal this year?

A: Our next goal is to support 100 SeaTrees projects by the end of this decade (2030).

Q: If it is not for the weather or geology in coastal areas, what is the biggest challenge that SeaTrees’ project managers and local community have faced in the mangrove-planting journey?

A: Some project sites have hydrology issues that need to be addressed before planting can occur.

Q: What type of sea trees do you plant and why do you choose them?

A: We focus on mangroves, kelp, seagrass, coral, and coastal watersheds because they’re incredibly efficient at sequestering carbon from the atmosphere.

Q: We see that you have multiple planting projects in different areas, which project is the most successful so far?

A: It’s impossible to choose one when all of our projects are high quality and impactful. You can learn more about the impact of our projects here:

Q: It is an absolute pleasure for Tenere to support your Blue-Carbon projects. I believe there are many others who want to collaborate with you. Can you, in brief, introduce the process and requirements to be a SeaTrees partner?

A: SeaTrees provides purpose-driven brands with an ocean-positive solution for customers that care about climate change. See case studies here:

Q: How do you think about Tenere’s potential in this planting journey?

A: We would love to plant more SeaTrees with Tenere.

Q: Are there any opportunities available for Tenere Team’s users if they want to volunteer in one of your planting projects?

A: Not at this time.

Bottom Line

These planting numbers speak itself. However, despite all the positive numbers in this tree donation update, it is still a long way to go to make our planet as green as it used to be. In order to contribute to the process, please come and shop with Tenere. Is there anything better than being able to save money on shopping and plant trees around the world at the same time?


Oliver started on everything home and art-related, from interior to gardening, as he has a great passion for art. Growing up in a home where nature was cherished, Oliver always felt strongly connected to trees and the environment. While he doesn’t hold a degree in environmental science or forestry, his self-directed learning and exploration have shaped his viewpoints. Oliver found a way to channel his love of art to the environment through contributions to the Tenereteam blog. In his free time, he often finds himself capturing the beauty of nature through photography or staying updated on the latest climate research.

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