April is a special month, not only for the nice weather but also for Easter and especially Earth Day. To celebrate April, we’ve made a new record in tree donation – 3,631 trees. That’s the greatest number we’ve made so far. 

This month, we continue to support Eden’s Reforestation and One Tree Planted. We also have a new planting project onboard, Plant With Purpose. For what they’ve done for environmental protection, they deserve our support.

Plant With Purpose

Plant With Purpose is a new project we have onboard this month. Following the Christian calling, Tom Woodard founded this non-profit organization in 1984. This organization helps the poor through sustainable growth.

Plant With Purpose
Plant With Purpose

This global organization works in Africa, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Southeast Asia. For environmental restoration, they train communities about sustainable farming and tree planting techniques. These small-scale farmers can then rehabilitate the environment while increasing their crop production.

For over 35 years, Plant With Purpose has empowered local community leaders. The community is now reforesting and replenishing watersheds at a faster rate. Each year, they plant more than eight million trees. This brings the total number of trees planted to more than 50 million.

In these watersheds, tree cover is increasing at a global average of 39% per year. This is 2.7% higher than national averages over three years. As a result, they have protected and restored 2.2 million acres of land.

We have donated 470 trees, hoping they will continue to set new planting goals.

One Tree Planted

This month, our 500 trees go to their British Columbia project.

One Tree Planted in British Columbia
One Tree Planted in British Columbia

British Columbia (B.C) features astounding and iconic biodiversity. The regional forests comprise almost 60 million hectares – two-thirds of the province. Unfortunately, pests and diseases have caused mass forest loss. This results in many tree deaths, which fuels wildfires. B.C. saw its biggest wildfire in history in the summer of 2017, with over 1.2 million hectares of forests destroyed. To revive these forests, One Tree Planted collaborates with forest rehabilitation experts.

We hope that our 500 trees will support preserving British Columbia’s natural beauty. This includes reducing beetle damage, limiting wildfires, and providing habitat for abundant wildlife.

Eden Reforestation Project

The first time we donated to Eden Reforestation Project was in January 2022. Compared to other planting organizations, their tree planting number seems a bit lower. Yet, their effort in reforestation is hands down admirable. Therefore, Eden Reforestation Project is the first organization we partner with.

Tenere is happy to become Eden’s seed partner since March 2022. As a seed partner, we donate at least 1,500 trees each month. This month, the number increases to 2,667 trees. This partnership will accelerate our effort and planting goals in the long run. 

Eden Reforestation Project
Eden Reforestation Project

They have 6 levels of partnership: Seed Level Partner (lowest), Seedling Level Partner, Sapling Level Partner, Grove Level Partner, Forest Level Partner, and Ecosystem Level Partner. We can’t wait to move forward to the next levels.


This month, we’ve reached our most impressive number of tree donations so far. This number means a lot to our project, especially because of the upcoming Earth Day. Yet, there is still much work to be done. Tenere and our users will try our best to donate more trees to tree-planting organizations.


Valeria specializes in environmental writing, focusing on trees, sustainability, and ecological issues. Although she doesn't have formal environmental science education, her self-taught expertise and deep connection to nature define her work. At Tenereteam, she combines her passion for the environment with engaging storytelling, offering insights on forest ecosystems and sustainable living. In her free time, Valeria is actively involved in nature, which enriches her authentic and inspiring writing style.

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