Nothing makes us happier than contributing to environmental protection. By New Year’s Eve, we had financed our first 1959 trees to three tree-planting organizations. 

Three organizations we opt to donate are reputable and have made huge strides in social contribution, including environmental improvement. In this article, we want to highlight their achievements that propelled us toward collaborating with them.

Tree Sisters

Our first 559 trees go to Tree Sisters – one of the most active planting organizations on Christmas Day. As the UK’s most well-known social-reform and nonprofit reforestation organization, Tree Sisters understand the importance of local populations in restoring deforestation-affected regions. Moreover, Tree Sisters perform in-depth research on reforestation to build the most diverse and effective project portfolio possible. Five deliberate decisions are made in this project: unveil, embrace, embody, activate, and shine.

According to TreeSisters, women have an innate and inherent affinity for nature. That’s why their involvement is highlighted in climate change adaptation and mitigation. Climate change is a difficult reality for everyone, especially women, due to its ensuing social, political, and legal impacts. The organization recognizes the need to adapt to changing environmental conditions and devise effective countermeasures to climate change.

Over the years, they have funded the planting of over 20 million trees across 12 locations in Brazil, Borneo, Cameroon, India, Kenya, Mozambique, Madagascar, Nepal, and West Papua. Thanks to their devotion, the environment and life quality in these regions have improved significantly. Women’s involvement is encouraged in many socio-environmental activities to tackle climate change. 

TreeSisters and Isha Outreach planting trees in Tamil Nadu

We highly appreciate the Cauvery Calling project that TreeSisters collaborates with Isha Outreach. This is a lofty project in Tamil Nadu, South India, a region with starkly poor agricultural conditions. The acute deforestation caused dried-up rivers, as well as agricultural failure in Tamil Nadu. 

With a wish to enhance the living condition of the Tamil Nadu community, Isha Outreach released the beautiful and inspirational Cauvery Calling project to boost the canopy cover. Their purpose is to plant 114 million trees to achieve 33% green cover. TreeSisters funded an admirable number of 250,000 trees for this project in 2021.

Trees For The Future

The second project was Trees For The Future, with 1,200 trees. 

Trees For The Future
Trees For The Future Aims for land revitalization

Due to the human tragedy brought on by illegal logging and unsustainable land management systems in the Philippines, Trees For The Future were formed. Begun in 1989 as “The New Forests Project”, they initially worked as a public charity. In hopes of land revitalization, two volunteers, Dave and Grace Deppner, provide farmers with tree seeds, technical training, and on-site planning assistance. When they came back, they continued their close contact with the project leaders, so both sides could exchange seeds, information, and training materials.

Perceiving that we and Trees For The Future have a common goal, we honestly yearn to support this organization. We highly appreciate what Trees For The Future have done so far. Since 2014, they’ve planted 225.1 million trees in 9 countries and also improved 317,798 lives. 

Trees For The Future set the goal of planting 1 billion trees by 2030. To get them closer to this goal, we donated 1,200 trees to the organization. With what they have achieved so far, we believe that the result will exceed their expectations.

8 Billion Trees

We closed the year 2021 with our final donation to 8 Billion Trees. As it’s dubbed, the organization has set the goal of growing 8 billion trees to heal the earth and combat deforestation. With our contribution of 200 trees and also 2000 existing trees conserved, their total number of planted trees now is around 8,400,000.

Contribute to reforestation with 8 Billion Trees

Although the organization was established recently, in 2018, we want to support them in hopes that they will flourish more in the future, and as a contribution to their hard work. 

Along with planting trees, they have a plethora of programs and projects that contribute to environmental protection. One of the most outstanding ones is the Amazon Rainforest Carbon Offset Project. Brazil is a place that’s well-known for its drastic rate of deforestation. And 8 Billion Trees is the only organization that plants in the Brazilian states of Tocantins and Para – which have the most acute deforestation. 

In 2021, they work with Eduardo Risuenho, who is an expert in ecology and conservation biology with 17 years of expertise in forest restoration, water resource management, and environmental education. With this collaboration, they are planning to expand the project to enhance the Amazon Rainforest’s conditions.

Bottom Lines

Three foregoing tree planting organizations are working at full throttle to tackle the environmental issues. They deserve our continuous support for their future activities, all for our better planet. 

You can join hands with us either by donating trees directly to these organizations or simply using Tenere for your online purchase. Not only are you saving money, but also contributing to planting more trees, as we will deduct a part of our profit for contributing to planting tree projects and organizations worldwide.


Valeria specializes in environmental writing, focusing on trees, sustainability, and ecological issues. Although she doesn't have formal environmental science education, her self-taught expertise and deep connection to nature define her work. At Tenereteam, she combines her passion for the environment with engaging storytelling, offering insights on forest ecosystems and sustainable living. In her free time, Valeria is actively involved in nature, which enriches her authentic and inspiring writing style.

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